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Introduction: Harry Potter Corner Bookmark

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This DIY is great for potterheads. It's easy and you can personalise it according to your Hogwarts house.

Step 1: Draw

Draw 3 squares on a piece of coloured paper of your choice. My squares are 6cm x 6cm

Step 2: Cut and Stick

Cut the squares out and then cut the triangles out so it looks like a fox. Fold the two triangles and stick them together.

Step 3: Colour

Decorate it as you wish. I didn’t have a red coloured paper so I had to paint it with a red marker.

Step 4: Decorate

Cut out some yellow strips and stick them onto the bookmark. (This one is for Gryffindor. You can change the colour for the other 3 houses).

Step 5: Cut Out the Glasses and Scar

Draw and cut out Harry’s glasses and scar. You can also use a black marker to draw Harry's scar directly onto the bookmark.

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absolutely fabulous! Made a Luna one with radish earring!!!!

I made one and it looks great when reading the one and only 'Harry Potter'

I failed at my first attempt bc I didnt read the instructions properly lol. But I made another one with Ravenclaw and Luna's spectrespecs. ??

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I don't understand the folding part someone pleasseee help

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i made it and covered it in tape to make it water/ rip proof! ;-)

This is an amazing DIY task an I have done it again and again!

OMG I love this cute simple bookmarks plus they are not hard to make!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for spelling mistakes :-(

Superb! It is so easy to make when you look ate the steps! And thanks for Harry Potter theme I love Harry Potter movies :-) but my mom make me study and I can"t whatch all the movies D-:

I made mine with a glittering deathly hallows on the back, and varnished it with nail polish. This is the result! :D


In step 2, fold the triangles according to the line drawn. They should overlap, so the whole bookmark will look like a square.

I love these kinds of bookmarks!!!

These bookmarks look so awesome! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community! I hope to see more awesome stuff from you in the future!