Haunted Coins

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Hello and here are my instructions on how to make "Haunted Coins". If you look closely than you can see a skull on those Dimes.

Step 1: The Gathering of Supplies

You will need a piece of Fine Sandpaper and a coin ( I use an American Dime in this demonstration).

Step 2: Start the Sanding

Start sanding the heads side of your coin until you are satisfied with how your skull looks. Now your finished!

Step 3: Additional Fun

If you want you can add a Spinal Cord.

Note: Be careful when adding a Spinal Cord as you can mess up your whole skull.



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    Question 5 months ago on Step 2

    Are you sanding off parts of the existing face? I wanted to show this to my 10 yr old granddaughter for a 'trick' for Halloween... any more details are appreciated. G'ma is a lil dense!

    1 answer

    Answer 5 months ago

    Yes, I am sanding off parts of the existing face so it looks like a skull.


    6 months ago

    This is really quite clever! If you have the chance to snap a few more photos of the dime to try to capture the skull in a little bit better light and focus, I think that would be awesome to see. You can always edit to add or swap photos later on, if you wanted to. Just a tip! : )

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