Headless Woman Holding Head Costume




This was a fun costume to make and not too difficult either. Certainly worth the effort considering how excited people were when they saw it.

Step 1: Creating the Torso

The ball is for a Kirby costume we made at the same time.

In front you can see the torso we made. I used a fedex box and solo cup for the neck then paper mached it together along with a couple of shoulder bumps. These are important for holding the dress on.

Step 2: Creating the Body

Once the paper mache is dry we painted it flesh color. 

We bought a big dress and white gloves at a costume exchange. It was used in plays previously.

Now, what you can't see is how I rigged the torso. My daughter is wearing a backpack and I have pvc pipes going from the backpack up into the fedex box. I used pretty big tubing which was a concern for weight but made the whole thing very sturdy.

We cut a hole in the dress for her head and we are working on the position of the arms and hands before stuffing them with cotton. 

The gloves are simply safety pinned to the dress.

Step 3: Clean Version for School

Here's the no blood version for school. 

We added a bra and stuffed it to fill out the dress.

Face makeup really helped make it look real.

Also we cut two slits in the dress so she could stick her arms out and get candy.

The top of the neck is hollow and goes into the backpack so we were thinking of having people drop candy there but it was too difficult.

Step 4: Trick or Treat

Here's the blood version for trick or treat that night with even more makeup. Looks great.

We had fun making it and even more fun with all the comments and candy she got. People love homemade costumes.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That reminds me of a Headless Horseman costume that my mom made for me back in the 70s but my head was hidden and I carried a pumpkin pain. A very cool costume, you got my vote!


    5 years ago on Step 4

    In a world of store bought Spiderman and Disney Princess costumes, your kid deserves a whole hand full of candy or even the holy grail- A full size, name brand chocolate bar!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wow....great costume and it does look pretty easy! I like the blood free one myself but both look cool. Well done!


    5 years ago

    absolutely brilliant! homemade really is the best!!


    5 years ago

    Great costume! The young lady wearing it is really playing the part! Good job sweetheart! Thanks for posting and Happy Halloween!


    5 years ago

    That's the best lol


    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's fantastic - it looks great! I bet it's fun making that face the whole time too :D