Headlock Escape




Introduction: Headlock Escape

The headlock is a very common move used in the playground or in a bar fight. This simple escape will help you defend yourself against a headlock.

There are several escapes for escaping the standing headlock (depending on your opponent's size or depending on what your opponenet is doing). This escape is one of many escapes.



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    This demonstration is not very effective because very long. Good luck for a small woman (or man) trying to lift a big man. I do Krav Maga. As soon as you are headlock, you punch the groin with right hand (or left, depending on side of headlock) and then grab the face with other hand and pull back. If you put your leg behind him, he should fall. You then leave the premises.

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    responding to this this is most likley to be used in a wrestlig nmatch ora bbf match not street fights in a street fight its do what eer you an do get out of there i i agree and disagree

    Thanks for the video, but I have to say that it would be more accurate if you remove the word "simple" and just say "...This escape will help you...". I'd hardly call having to lift someone and then go down on the ground (and have to deal with him on the ground) simple.

    Wow! :D I only I were strong enough. I am a pretty small guy. How would I do this I my strong and tall mates? I weigh about 35-40kg and he weights about 50kg. I could manage the punch stopping thing, but picking him up... And there is this other guy who does the military style lock (from behind) what can I do there?

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    There are other standing headlock escapes that you can do if your opponent is bigger than you. This is just one of many escapes that you can do. I'll film another escape that works for smaller guys. I'll post it soon :)

    I was just fighting with my friends for fun at a party yesterday and one of my friends got in a headlock and did exactly what this video showed. Except he didnt punch his face or go for an arm lock, but rather just pinned him. I did not k now of this technique so when i'm in a headlock i either twist around and pick them up / flip them by the wait or drop down and twist out.

    Very interesting I'm wondering what deal of strength is required to pull this move off I mean if I'm 150lbs and my opponent is 250lbs will this move give me mechanical advantage so that I can successfully take him down.

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    As you can see I'm not a very big guy myself. I too weigh 150lbs. The biggest guy I've ever pulled this move on was approx 200lbs. Now 250lbs is pretty big. There are several headlock escapes that you can use depending on your opponent's size or what your opponent is doing. This escape is 1 of 5 headlock escapes that I know. I'll see about putting up the other 4 escapes when I get the chance. Thanks for watching!

    If you can't quite manage this, try grabbing some skin in the back of the thigh and twisting it hard - it hurts.

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    Ooooh...that sounds painful! Whatever works, eh? :) There are several escapes for escaping the standing headlock (depending on what your opponent is doing). That escape is one of many escapes. I'll try to shoot several more headlock escapes for different situations in the near future. Thanks for watching my video :)

    Yep, whatever works, always wanted a stylish way to escape though and headlocks are tough (if you're untrained like me)

    Very complex moves, I'm not sure you can do this while your opponent is busy hitting your locked head. Also, when you have your leg over his face, he could very easily bite your ankle and disable your plans for getting away. Perhaps it is easier to just hit him hard in the, well, manly parts. That will distract him quite a bit.

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    You might eat a shot or two, but it's better than eating several punches. You're right. He could bite your ankle. It it were an MMA fight (cage fight) you could finish with the armlock. In a street fight I wouldn't go for the armbar. I would just punch him into submission or knock out. Anyway, thanks for your feedback and watching my video :)