Headphone Audio Jack Transplant

Introduction: Headphone Audio Jack Transplant

I am going to perform a headphone jack transplant on these two headphones. The COBY 8$ headphones are going to be replacing the BOSE headphone's audio jack.

Step 1: Headphone Audio Jack Transplant

There appears to be a short in my BOSE headphones near the audio jack. When I wiggle it around when something is playing- I only get it out of one ear. 

I used a sharp little pocketknife to see whats inside here. 

Step 2: Headphone Audio Jack Transplant

Somethings wonkey here with all those stray copper wires. 

I will be transplanting the entire headphone jack from the COBY headphones + a couple inches of wire so that I can stabilize the connection and have enough room to work without using a magnifying glass or tweezers.

Step 3: Headphone Audio Jack Transplant

Hey, the COBY headphones have a different color scheme with the wires they use.

Im going to match warm and cool colors on this one.

Connect the red & magenta.
Connect the green & blue.

I dont know which wire is which headphone, the left or the right. But I am hoping the people who make these have something in common with color schemes.

I know that the copper wires should be connected separately from the colored ones because they are the GROUND> whatever that means.

Connect the copper wires

I dont know how electricity works.

Step 4: Headphone Audio Jack Transplant

This trio of wire bundles must be soldered to be really secure.

I even buttered up the connections up with some soldering paste so the solder will cling to the wire.

Step 5: Headphone Audio Jack Transplant

The triad is complete. 

I insulated the wires from each other using electrical tape.

Step 6: Headphone Audio Jack Transplant

By pulling electrical tape really tight, you can wrap the wire back up with it. 

I used a knife to trim the electrical tape.

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    4 years ago

    Presumably you mean a break rather than a short...?