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Introduction: Headphones Stand

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A super stylish headphone stand that I designed that is both simple to make and works really well. Its can be made with just a band saw or jigsaw and a little sanding. The cable holder is just my my favorite drawer pull as featured in my portafilter instructable.

Step 1: Timber Selection

You can use any rectangular block of wood approx 24cm tall, 15cm wide and 9cm thick. You can get the extra thickness by gluing multiple pieces together like I did in this tutorial, just make sure that what will be the front and back of the headphone stand are straight and parallel. You can also glue pieces of plywood together for a funky look as seen in the photos as well.

Step 2: Cutting Out

Firstly if you have glued up your wood cut what will be the bottom of the stand square so that it will stand up nice and straight then glue on your template making sure that the bottom of the template lines up with the bottom of the stand.

Next grab your jigsaw or band saw and cut out the stand making sure to stay just on the outside of the lines.

Step 3: Sanding

After cutting out the stand sand I used my disc sander and spindle sander to sand down to the line making sure all saw cuts are removed and that the curves are neat. If you don't have a spindle sander or disc sander then a small hand sander will work just as well.

Remove the paper template by softening with a heat gun then peeling off, or simply sand off. Sand the entire piece as best you can. This is the longest part for me as the finish you put on later is only as good as the sanding job you have done. I start at 80git, then move to 120g, 220g, 340g and finally 400g.

Step 4: Cable Holder

The next step is to attach the cable holder. This one I used is just a drawer pull I found at my local hardware store. To attach this firstly cut the end off the screw with a rotary tool or hacksaw. Using a drill bit the same size as the screw, drill a hole in the stand near the top almost as deep as the screw. Glue in the screw with superglue making sure to leave a part of the screw protruding to attach the knob. Be sure not to use too much superglue as it will run out of the hole and all over you nice sanding work.

Step 5: Finishing

Before attaching the cable holder coat the headphone stand in your desired finish. I prefer to use wipe on or spray polyurethane. I find using a brush is always harder and messier. Here I used a danish oil poly mixture.

Finally attach the cable knob to the stand and your done!

Step 6: Photographs

Download the template to make your own. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.

Happy Listening!

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15 Discussions

What a beauty! Wish I had a band saw and spindle sander! Kinda jealous.

is the template too small? Too me it looks like everything but 24 cm

How tall is it suppose to be?I printed it full size, and the whole time I was making it, I keep thinking it looked small and it was;so I wasted time and wood.but still I would like to make one.so what printer setting to get the template the right size?and how tall should it be so I can check?

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Nice work, you inspired me to make one.

I made my own, but instead of wood I used 6 double layer cardboard. Is light and solid enough to hold them.

I glue all 6 layers together and I cutted with a electrical marquetry saw. (I have no bandsaw, but could works too)

I made a change to design to allow the cordless base rest below while charging.

Once stamped with comic sheets looks like this.

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That's exactly what I needed for my workplace table. Thanks!

Here in Australia we have local Mens Sheds. I think its a couple of dollars to visit each time and you can learn from others and build stuff. You might have something similar?

This is awesome. I really need a headphone rack but I don't have the equipment :-(