Heart Note Fold





Introduction: Heart Note Fold

Just in time for Valentine's Day: a simple but beautiful Heart Note Fold!

Follow the steps on the next pages, or watch my video:

Originally named after the girl who inspired this fold!

Step 1: Make a Waterbomb Base

Write a note. Something romantic would be nice :)

Orient the paper vertically and fold a waterbomb base at the top. There are tons of videos on how to make a waterbomb base, so seek one out if you need help.

Step 2: Waterbomb Base: Completed!

Step One completed.

Step 3: Make a Diamond

Fold the right and left points up to the top point to make a diamond.

Step 4: Fold Left Edge

Fold the left edge to the center. The upper edge will line up with the diamond.

Step 5: Repeat . . .

Repeat on the right.

Step 6: Fold Lower Edge

Fold the lower edge up to meet the lower point of the diamond.

Step 7: Other Side Now

Turn over. Fold the upper point of the diamond down. The diamond will be folded in half.

Step 8: Fold Left Corner

Fold the lower left corner vertically to the center.

Step 9: Repeat . . .

Repeat on the right.

Step 10: Tuck

Tuck the right corner from the last step into the pocket on the flap you made in step seven.

Step 11: Repeat . . .

Repeat for the left.

Step 12: Fold Points

Fold the left and right points of the diamond diagonally down.

Step 13: Tuck

Tuck the right point under the the flap made in step seven.

Step 14: Repeat . . .

Repeat for the left.

Step 15: Finished!

Turn over. Completed Valentine Heart Note Fold. Now give it to someone special!



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    18 Discussions

    That's cool! I made it but I can't take a pic.

    Nyeh heh heh!

    Nice. The first steps reminded me of an airplane and a paper laughing puppet I used to make. Can't remember their steps tho... Thanks

    this is great for gift tags and little notes to say sorry or thank you

    images (6).jpg

     i made this and it looks beautiful i might do it with red construction paper but it might be hard

    this is fantastic thank you so much. On my first attempt things were too small i couldnt do steps 10-11 and 14-15 with a lil practice my girlfriends gonna love it =D

    Love it. :) I'm so gonna use this as a card. She'll love it. Thanks.

    awesome. i think ill use this for valentines day as a card or something like that :)

    this is so cool i love it

    that was really easy! I had to quickly write a note to my cousin in camp and that worked perfectly!!!

    brilliant brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive won kid of kreation award before and i made my heart different mine was named after saint nick it was easyier but... you won me! just brilliant!

    Cool project but I gotta say the video was excellent. It was very clear to see what they were doing.

    Awesome! It would be great to make it a little smaller, but it looks fine now. Great job