Heart Pencil Toppers - Valentines

Introduction: Heart Pencil Toppers - Valentines

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Learn how to make these cute Heart Pencil Topper Valentines with Annelise and Rachel. They make a fun gift any time of the year! Happy Crafting!

You will need:

2 colors of paper - card stock or construction paper


Pipe cleaner

Glue - we prefer Mod Podge because it dries fast

Paintbrush (to apply glue, this is optional)

Wiggly eyes

Black marker


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    We explain it all on the video. The play button is in the middle of the photo above. We hope you enjoy it!

    She will love that you made it for her, we're sure! We'd love to see your finished creation, if you want to share it on our Facebook page. :) www.facebook.com/craftygirlstv