Heavy Bass and Treble Circuit

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Hii friend,

We want listen music with high bass and with best music sound so today I am going to make a circuit of Bass and Treble that will control the bass and treble of sound.

Let's get started,

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Step 1: Take Components As Shown Below the List

Components required -

(1.) Potentiometer - 100K x2

(2.) Ceramic capacitor - 100nf (104) x1

(3.) Ceramic capacitor - 10nf (103) x2

(4.) Ceramic capacitor - 1nf (102) x1

(5.) Resistor - 10K x2

(6.) Resistor - 1K x1

(7.) Capacitor - 16V 100uf

Step 2: Connect All Components

Connect all components as per circuit diagram.

Step 3: Connect Capacitors

For Bass circuit -

Connect 10nf capacitor to pin-1 and pin-2 of bass potentiometer and

Solder 100nf capacitor to pin-2 and pin-3 of Bass potentiometer as solder in the picture.

Step 4: Again Connect Capacitor

For Treble circuit -

Solder 1nf capacitor to pin-1 of treble potentiometer and

solder 10nf capacitor to pin-2 and pin-3 of treble potentiometer as picture.

Step 5: Connect 10K Resistor

Next connect 10K resistor to middle pin of Bass potentiometer to middle pin of Treble potentiometer as solder in the picture.

Step 6: Connect 10K Resistor Again

Now connect 10K resistor again in the pin-1 of Bass potentiometer as solder in the picture.

Step 7: Connect 1K Resistor Bass Potentiometer

Now connect 1K resistor to pin-3 of Bass potentiometer.

Step 8: Connect Capacitor to 10K Resistor

Connect +ve of capacitor to 10K resistor of Bass potentiometer as solder in the picture.

Step 9: Now Connect Jumper Wires

Now we have to connect jumper wires in both potentiometers.

Connect +ve of capacitor of bass potentiometer to 1nf ceramic capacitor and

also solder a wire in the output of 1K resistor of Bass potentiometer to pin-3 of Treble potentiometer as solder in the picture.

Step 10: Next Connect Wires of Aux Cable and Capacitor

Next we have to connect aux cable wire to give input audio single.

Solder Left/Right (+ve) wire of aux cable to -ve of 16V 100uf capacitor as i solder in picture and

Solder -ve wire of aux cable to GND pin of potentiometer which pin-3 of both potentiometers.

Next connect +ve pin of 16V 100uf capacitor in the middle pin of Bass potentiometer.

Step 11: Connect Output Wire

Now we have to connect audio output wires.

Solder a wire in the -ve of 16V 100uf capacitor which is connected in the mid pin of Bass potentiometer and

solder a wire in the GND pin of potentiometer as you can see in the picture.

Step 12: Now Give Input to the Amplifier Board

Now we have to give input audio signal to the amplifier board so connect output wires of Bass, Treble circuit as input in amplifier board as I solder wires in the picture.

Step 13: HOW TO USE IT

Give power supply to the circuit and plug in aux cable to mobile phone and play song.

Now rotate the knob of potentiomers.

Thank you

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