Height Adjustable Monitor Stand




Introduction: Height Adjustable Monitor Stand

The most basic set of questions pertaining to who the target customer is, what value the product is adding to their life and what improvement the designed product has over the existing products in the market. A simple design was finalized upon and dimensions were taken from a market study and ergonomics tables.

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Step 1: Fabrication of Base Plate and Monitor Platform

The stage of fabrication involved the fabrication of the base plate and the overhead plate. The edges and sections were cut as per dimensions and suitably fabricated from pine wood. Channels are built into the wooden beams but cutting out excess material to make slots. The edges are cut at right angles to slot into each other to make the frame.

Step 2: Making of Base Frame and Monitor Platform

The raising beams for the collapsible jack are cut according to the required dimensions. It was required for the top plate to be raised 300mm. Accounting for the thickness of the base and top plates, the beams are cut to specifications. The base plate is pasted onto the frame, clamped and allowed to cure. The raising arms are fixed on along a single axis such that it allows for one axis rotation. Both arms are fastened and fixed along fixed points such that their rotation is in check. Both arms are fastened at the centre meeting point such that they can still be moved at the pivot.

Step 3: Final Product

The side view of the monitor stand and the lowest stand height. It was found to be most stable at this height and fulfilled the basic design requirements. A fully extended monitor stand with a tilt towards the user for added convenience. The internal mechanism for the movement of the height adjustable base and top plate. The rails prevent the movable portion from slipping out of position.

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    Great design. I have been meaning to build a standing desk and this might work well for the kind of setup that I am trying to make. Thanks for sharing.