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Introduction: Hello Kitty Cake

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Hello foodies, bakers and craft makers! I've loved Hello Kitty since I was in middle school. My friends and I used to love visiting the local Korean store for all of the trendy Sanrio products. Hello Kitty and her friends are loved by soooo many people around the world so this is something I'm sure a lot of us have in common. I hopped on Snapchat last week (@Marishascouture) and the first filter I saw was a Hello Kitty filter! This was the cutest thing ever and all of the inspiration that I needed to make a Hello Kitty cake. I didn't want this to be a large cake, but something small and simple. In the video tutorial I also made Chococat which is one of her many beloved friends. So let's get started.

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You'll Need:

1 9 inch cake layer

Vanilla buttercream

Paper stencil and cardboard cutout (a tracing or print out of Hello Kitty) - I googled Hello Kitty Geek

Fondant - black, white, pink, yellow, dark pink


Rolling Pin

Small slanted spatula (or butter knife)

Knife for carving

Large round piping tip

Small spoon

Step 1: Carving Kitty

Start off by leveling the cake layer by cutting off the dome. Flip the cake upside down so that the bottom is now the top. Place the cardboard stencil on top of the cake and carve cut around it. Each layer will be good for two cakes depending on the size of the stencil.

The cardboard is going to be the cake board. Add a small amount of frosting to the board and press the cake onto it. Make sure that the cake is carved precisely with the the board. Shave off the top edge of the cake to create a rounded edge as you see in the third picture.

Cover the cake in frosting and refrigerate for 15 minutes or until firm.

Step 2: Glasses

Roll out white fondant and cover the cake making sure to release any air bubbles and make completely smooth. Trim off the excess fondant and fold any small bit of remaining fondant under the cake. Set aside.

Roll out a strand of black fondant and place over the stencil to measure out the top of the glasses. It should be the same in width. Cut the strand and place aside. Next, do the same for both lenses individually. You should now have three pieces, 1 long strand for the top of the glasses and two lenses. Transfer the pieces to the cake as you see them on the stencil and stick with water. Roll two small dots of black fondant into oval and place in the glasses for eyes.

Roll out a thinner strand of fondant and place over the template to cut to the length of the whiskers. Each side will have three whiskers connecting to the glasses. Attach the cake with water.

Step 3: Bow

Form three pieces of pink fondant into balls (2 medium sized and 1 small). Shape the two larger balls into the half of the bow. This is easiest when pressing up against the template to get the correct shape and size. Press with the tip of a spoon to get the indentation. Cut away any excess. Slightly flatten the smaller ball to form the center of the bow. Place onto the upper right hand corner of the cake on an angle and attach with water.

Last roll a small oval ball of yellow fondant to make the nose and attach with water. There you have it - Hello Kitty!

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