Hick or Country (AKA Redneck) Wine Glasses Hijack





Introduction: Hick or Country (AKA Redneck) Wine Glasses Hijack

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I saw these "Redneck" wine glasses at a friend's party, and just had to make them myself........I refuse to pay the $16.99 EACH I saw a local harware store asking for them.

My "Country" neighbors make their own wine, and complain about how "flimsy" regular wine glasses feel. These were a HUGE hit!  My Neighbor keeps the lid in place to prevent spillage, and to keep "critters" from flying, or falling into her wine.

Step 1: Step 1 Gather Your Supplies

I bought new 1/2 pint canning jars with flats, and lids, but you could use just about any glass jar you have. I also want to try a 1/4 pint jar for a "martini glass"  (see an example of it in my supply picture)

1 Glass canning (mason) jar for each wine glass you plan on making
1 Glass candle stick (I bought mine for $1.00 each at a dollar type store) for each wine glass you plan on making
E6000 glue (it's what I had on hand) or other clear glue that works on glass
rubbing alcohol
paper towel or cotton ball

Step 2: Step 2 Prepare Your Glass

Working in a well lit, and well ventilated area, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS for the glue you plan on using, and FOLLOW THEM!
Mine says to make sure both surfaces are clean, so just to be sure I cleaned both surfaces with rubbing alcohol, on a paper towel, and allowed them to dry.

Step 3: Step 3 Apply Glue

The E6000 Glue said to apply glue to both surfaces that you are gluing. I applied a THIN bead of glue to both the canning jar bottom where the candle stick will sit, as well as to the rim of the candlestick. Keep the bead thin, or you will have a MESS.....ask me how I know!

and now you set the timer and WAIT............for 2 minutes (or whatever your glue instructions say)

Step 4: Step 4 Assemble

IF 2 minutes have passed you are now ready to position the canning jar on top of the candlestick. Look at it from several angles to make sure it's straight. The glue will be set in a couple of hours, and will be cured in 24-72 hours.

Clean up any uncured glue with acetone.

Step 5:

Embelish by gluing on clear marbles, painting, or simply tie with twine.



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    22 Discussions

    These are more goblets if you ask me. When I heard "redneck wine glasses," I was expecting them to be made from cut up beer bottles, lol. Still, really cool looking.

    1 reply

    You could definitely do this with cut beverage bottles.

    Use clear silicone sealant (most economically had in cartridges for caulking guns) and yes, they will probably be dishwasher proof. I'd still test them though because the candlestick glass might not withstand the treatment.

    Have to make these...Thanks

    Wow! What a great idea! This would be great if you have an unfinished drink you want to save!

    1 reply

    They would be good for that! I don't drink wine, but my DH and neighbors never seem to have ANY left over! LOL

    Had to laugh a friends daughter has been making these and today my friend showed me a magazine that was selling then for outrageous prices good job.. they are cute...

    1 reply

    I too was "shocked" when I saw our local harware store selling them for $16.99 EACH

    Wow... These look like a great conversation starter! Will definately be trying these. Thank you for a great Instructable!

    This "turkey fryin', shotgun totin', pick-up drivin' " redneck enthusiastically approves!

    Love this, so cute...I know lots of people that would love these.

    This is my first time entering a contest like this, and only my second instructable..........all though I've been lurking/using the instructions I've seen here for quite a while.

    I'm SO thrilled that you all have been so gracious, and posted nice things..........this is kind of like throwing a party and worrying that no one will show up!

    Thanks also that the instructions for posting are so good........it gave me confidence to try something new.........maybe I'll try a video some time!

    I really like these - but, is glue really enough to permanently assemble these things?

    I mean, they wouldn't be dish-washer safe, and really, that's no big deal. However, having a heavy glass candle-stick fall off and plunge into one's 'chap's area' while sitting at a bar, would be problematic! Do you reckon the glue joint is really strong enough?

    I still like them, whatever.

    2 replies

    I haven't tried anything I've glued with E6000 in the dishwasher (guess I should give it a go, and report back) but seriously it holds just about EVERYTHING! I've never had it fail on anything I've used it on, as long as you follow directions. I know it handles hand washing (including soaking in hot water) and after all MOST "good" wine glasses say to hand wash! hahaha

    Thanks for the kind words......I like them as well, and now I'm thinking about ways to imbelishment them!

    Epoxies usually bond pretty dang well, so I wouldn't be too worried.

    Thats really cool. i think i might try this