Home Automation Messenger Bot for Raspberry Pi

Introduction: Home Automation Messenger Bot for Raspberry Pi

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There will be a bot for everything. We will use bots for shopping anything from flowers to cars, planning vacation, even engage with our favorite fashion brands in a very personal way. Another big field where chat bots are the perfect match is home automation.

Imagine talking to your house without ever leaving your messenger app. Simply message the house to turn on/off lights or house appliances, get notifications when security camera detects motion, get alerts to stay in the know when your loved ones come back home.

Sounds good? Then meet Prota Bot for Telegram Messenger app. In this instructable we will show how you can set up all of the bot features and more.

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Step 1: Download Telegram App for Prota

You can download Prota OS here

Previous articles to set up Prota for Raspberry Pi

-Set up Prota OS for RPi

-App to control Raspberry Pi

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Access your Prota and then go to the App Library. Click to Install Telegram app.

Step 2: Install Telegram Messenger App on Your Smartphone

Download iOS version here.

Download Android version here.

Once you’ve installed the app, follow the instructions on the screen to set up your Telegram account.

Step 3: Connect Your Telegram Account to Prota

3.1 Request authorization.

3.2 Add your mobile Phone number.

3.3 Enter verification code.

Verification code will be sent to your smartphone.

3.4 Enter Bot details

Congratulations your Bot is set up!
(If any problem has occurred, please let us know via support.prota.info.)

Step 4: Teach Your Bot Using Stories

4.1 Select your bot as your Stories’ sensor.

4.2 Select what happens when Bot receives a specific message or a photo.

4.3 Click to set conditions.

4.4 Enter text that your message should contain to activate the actor part of the Story.

4.5 Complete the story with an action (we’ll activate smart electric fan that was introduced in our previous instructables).

Step 5: Congratulations, You’ve Just Taught to Understand When to Turn on Your Fan. You Can Teach It Many More Things From Now!


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