Home Automation Voice Control Using Arduino Uno and Bluetooth

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This Project is about interfacing a bluetooth module with Arduino and android mobile to activate lights and fan in a room using voice control.

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Step 1: Components Used

1. Arduino UNO

2. Bluetooth HC-05

3.Bread board

4. Few jummper wires

5. Relay

6. Multistrand wire for AC supply

Step 2: Wiring Connection

1.Give connection as Per circuit diagram

2.Connect the TX of Arduino to RX of bluetooth and RX of Arduino to TX of bluetooth

3.Give 5V supply to bluetooth module and ground it.

4.Connect relay1 to Digitalpin2 and relay2 to Digitalpin3 of the Arduino

5.Then give the AC supply to the relay as required

Step 3: Program Uploading

1.Upload the program to the Arduino uno

2.If required for more relay connection than just initialize an relay in the program and do a simple if else condition as required.

Step 4: About Voice Control

1.Here I am using bluetooth to send voice commands from my phone

2.The APK I am is AMR_Voice which may not be available in Playstore I will attach it with the instructable.

3.You can download the APK form here however it needs internet to decode voice into text.

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7 Discussions


6 weeks ago on Step 3

After downloading it is showing "file can't open


Question 6 months ago on Step 3

After downloading the program to Arduino 1.8.8 ..the program gets complied but while uploading it shows attempt 1:10 of 1:10 is not in sync and the program doesn't have any header files so can u help me with uploading it with another program?


Question 7 months ago on Introduction

I want to made this project using 8051 microcontroller,is there any difference in code or same? Will you help me about that code?


1 year ago

I did not watch the video, I pretty much never do on instructables; so this comment is limited to the text. ( I did however, download and read the code, { who is E-Guy ? } )

In the text there is not schematic or code for voice recognition, this is apparently all done by the phone and perhaps the cloud.

In a system like this, that part of voice recognition is the heavy lifting. I think the text should discuss it. What do you think?

2 replies