Home Cleaning Robot




This robot is used to clean houses.Thos robot can give you a relax

Step 1: Materials

Motor driver IC -1


Wood plank -1

L brackets -2

Transmitor and reciever-1

Double pull double throw switches -2

Box -1

9v batteries -3

Dc motors-2

Snap batter connectors-3

Small Vacuum cleaner -1


Support wheel -1


You can get a lot of material from robokart.com and robomart.com

Step 2: Lets Begin

1. Mount the motors with l brackets on the corners of wooden plank and mount the wheels on motor

And put a support wheel at the oppsoite side

2. Connect the wires to motor driver like shown in the image

3. I have attached the schematic how to connect the reciever to motor driver ic

Step 3: Switch Box

1. Uploaded how to connect on switch box use brown instead of grey one and connect color wise

2. How to make the wires is shown in this intractable and should be ended with 4 pin connector female


3.and connector them to transmiiter and connect transmiter to battery through snapper

The code of transmiter and reciever should be same

Step 4: Cleaning

1.mount vacumn cleaner

2. Add cloth near wood so that to clean the floor.

Step 5: Enjoy

now what you have to do is just control the robot and clean your home

When i was making i didnt click photos i will upload photos as soon as possible.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Can you add some pictures of your device, a video of it cleaning would be even better.