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Introduction: Home Made Speaker Box

So yeah..Im 18 and about to head to college for industrial design and human factors in 8 months and i wanted to build something with my dad before i left. Unfortunately i did not have enough money to build a car like i always wanted. So I Found  some +5 year old car speakers in the garage and i decided to build an indoor car stereo setup for my room. This took about 3 weeks to build and about a month of Designing and planning (planning was a lot of twiddling my thumbs crazy designs and research). If u would like the instructions i will do my best to explain, because i had no intentions on posting anything about this. but i found this site interesting and wanted a way to post some of my projects that i build.

Before you build this do your research on speakers because mines back in construction. Make sure u get a strong enough power supply and the right Amp. My box is highly under powered and i would suggest better stuff but im cheap.

I left the cost blank next to the items i did not have to purchase

supplies u need:
 2x 12" subs
    2x 5" 1/4 tweeters (speaker grill/protective plate usually comes with speaker)
    wood glue  
    Electrical tape
    hot glue
    Contact Cement
250 Watt Computer supply unit (this is a minimum wattage and under powers the amp)
    Audio cable that transfers 3mm headphone jack into appropriate audio fittings for your amp 
    Painters Tape
    Wire covering
    Switch (to reset computer supply unit just in case it needs to be reset it because the amp withdraws all the power)
    Door filler strips - $6 Ace (optional, i did this so i can remove my face plate just in case i need to replace my speakers and keeps a tight seal around box)
    2x Flat black paint - $6 Ace Hardware
    4x8 Particle Board - $20 Home Depot
4x8 wood paneling (of your choosing may cost more depending on what you choose) - $20 Lowes
    400 Watt Amp - $55 walmart

This was a build that was cheap and i would highly suggest a stronger amp and Power supply unit if your looking for some serious power.

Make sure you do your research i recently blew my tweeters which cost me an extra $28 because of the power supply and the amp. Do your research!!!

If you need instructions just ask and i will do my best to remember. once again i was not planning on posting anything about this but i felt that it was a cool design and can be changed to match your room and makes nice furniture.

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    3 years ago

    I used a Pioneer 480 WATT amplifier with with a 430W power supply that is in the picture shown below.

    Pioneer 480WATT

    430W Power Supply