Homemade 16x2 LCD Module



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In this instructable i will help you make a LCD 16x2 module with backlight for to connect any of your microcontroller project in 4 bit mode :)

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Step 1: Component Parts:

The basic parts only you need:


-Resistor for backlight (You can choose from 100 ohms to 1 k ohm for a vcc supply of 5 volts).

-10k ohm trimpot for contrast adjust

-1 line of 8 male headers especially with an angle of 90° (L).

-1 line of 16 female headers.

-8.5 x 4.4 cm cooper tablet for electronic circuits

-Ferric clorure for etching

-lasser printer

-soldering iron,soldadure

Step 2: Files Ready to Print!

Download the files and print it!

Tranfer to a coopper table for electronics and make it!

solder all the components!

Step 3: PCB Look Like...

Here is some of representative imagen you can do connections more easily and cheaper than buy a lcd module!

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