Homemade Atomizer+Mod E-cigarette on the Cheap




Introduction: Homemade Atomizer+Mod E-cigarette on the Cheap

here is a short video to show you how i fully made my E-cigarette
the atomizer is made of an old lens
the tank that fits in the lens is a coming from a juice bottle

Drill holes in the bottom of the tank
peal of the insulation of the electrical connectors
I made a M3 thread in the connectors
Cut the heads of the 2 screws, and mount the 2 connectors in the tank
I made my coil with 0.4 kanthal filament and some cellulose wick

the body is made of a torch light aluminium body
the 18650 battery fits very well in it
i also replaced the switch

Step 1: Video Tutorial



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    New to building and I'm seriously getting my ass kicked trying to make your mod any help is appreciated.

    what thread size have you used on the posts to link the coil pillars to their base?

    What is the name of the screw that you put your kanthal in?

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