Homemade Beer or Baby Float. Chopeira Flutuante.





Introduction: Homemade Beer or Baby Float. Chopeira Flutuante.

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It's summer. It's sizzling hot. It's time to float the river with your family, your fishing pole, and your beer with the all-new, make-it-yourself beer cooler and baby float!

This beer and baby float was designed for my nephew who just became a first-time father, LOVES artisan crafted beer, and lives in a town where a river runs through it.

OK, so it's politically incorrect to float both your beer and your baby at the same time. But it is a great way to float either your baby (with a shade canopy) or your lunch--watermelon, a pack of sandwiches, some sodas--down a lazy river on a hot afternoon.

The video below shows the step-by-step construction of this float.

List of Materials:

Two bicycle wheel rims
Six bicycle spokes and nuts
One bicycle brake pad or large gear
Three pool noodles
A mouse pad
One lumbar support (from the Dollar store)
A scrap of sheer outdoor fabric
Six broom hooks
Six 1 1/4" spacers
Six 2 1/2" screws with lock nuts
Two 1 1/2" screws with lock nuts
One bottle opener
A piece of string

I tried to test the float with a real baby, but when I went down to the river, all I could find were willing parents, not willing babies. The float was tested instead with an 18 lb watermelon and a doll. I'll post pics as soon as I get a real baby that likes cold water. I'm thinking this would "fit" babies 1-2 years old. Ish.


When you're done with your river float, you can turn this contraption into a floating garden for your pond.



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    18 Discussions

    Well, my daughter LOVES cold water... Unfortunately she will no longer fit as she is 6 and the size of an average 10yo!

    Not a bad idea. You might want to add some sort of mesh on the inner part just in case your little guy starts getting adventurous. You wouldn't want him falling through.

    Also good advice: BEER NOT FOR DRINKING WHILE FLOATING. This is just to keep it cool for an overnight camping site at the end of the float. Better yet, make it root beer or ginger beer.

    This oh-so-wrong instructable stems from my inability to edit. Keep having to be told less is more...

    My older Sister is in a wheel chair . I am wondering if there is a way to make a larger one of these, ( no offense but much larger Version )

    2 replies

    seem a good idea but i dont think that an adult weights the same as a baby ... you must design it to carry at least 100 kg of weight instead the 10 kg more or less that can weight a baby . also you must think that is more easy to an adult to swim that carrying that thing unless that this adult be a handicapped person

    Why not? Where there's a tinkerer, there's a way. : ) I just saw some pool noodles that are twice as thick as the ones used here...

    Just what everybody needs. A way to stay inebriated while in the water with a baby....Cant wait to see baby flamethrower! ;)

    Does it work without the baby? Because I need the one, but not the other...

    Unless said baby is named Moses and has a pharaoh on his trail. ;-)

    FlyingPuppy said: Note of caution: NEVER LEAVE BABY UNATTENDED IN THE WATER.

    Hahah! This is excellent. When I was very little, we'd go canoeing, and my dad would always makes me sit on the cooler and hold on. He'd say that way he'd never have to decide which to get first if the canoe flipped! I ended up telling my whole class in elementary school about it when the teacher asked me what I did on summer break. She was not very happy with my dad. :P

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