Homemade Deer Persimmon Attractant

Homemade Persimmon Extract/Scent Attractant for Deer


1/2 Cup of Persimmon slices

2 Cups of Scentless Alcohol (e.g. vodka)

1/8 Cups of Water


Combine ingredients in air tight container and store in dark room for about two months. Also, shake container for a minute once every few days for best results. The persimmon extract/scent will become more potent over time. After a few months, I find its best to take the persimmon slices out of the container and just keep the extract by itself.


You can of course use the persimmon extract the same way you would use any deer attractant from the store. We like to spray it directly on our corn to add scent and flavor. I've also tried making acorn scent with this recipe, which works really good as well.




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    Thanks! It's amazing how easy it was to make, so it's been fun experimenting with all different kinds of foods that deer love to eat.


    2 years ago

    This is awesome, finally a use for the persimmon tree in my back yard.

    1 reply
    Bootleg Outdoorskbruhn

    Reply 2 years ago

    thanks, I hope it turns out great! At least it is something fun to do in the off season!