Homemade Pear Juice




Introduction: Homemade Pear Juice

Pear season is starting! If you have few pear trees or someone gave you larger amount of pears you know how fast they start to rott.

So before all your pears are totally turn to waste, why don't you make some homemade pear juice!

Receipe we find on Internet!

For this receipe you need:




Citric acid

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Step 1: Totally Waste Vs. Still Usable Pear for Juice

In this step you just remove tottaly rotten pears in trash!

If pear is demaged from outside there is pretty good chance that start to rott in center!

Step 2: Removing Bad Part of Pear

In this step you will wash pear, cut in half, clean all parts that start to rott.

Don't forget to remove seeds and core(don't know if that is right term) of a pear.

Cut pear in smaller pieces. Smaller the pieces, boiling time will be shorter!

Step 3: Measure, Measure...

Let's measure up how much clean pears do we have!

We had 2.2kg of pears. This is your starting point for measure how much sugar and water do you need.

On 2.2kg of pears, we add 300gr of sugar, 1 liter of water and 10gr of citruc acid!

Step 4: Let's Boil Some Pears

Put pears in pot and add water!

Turn the stove on and start boiling!

It's took as about 20-25 minutes for pears to start boiling. Boil it for 10-15 minutes. Keep in mind that these pears are (in my case they were) soft already.

When you see that all pears are really soft, turn the stove off. Now we need to mix these pears.

I used stab mixer to make this. It took me about 1 minute to mix this.

When mixing in done, add sugar and citric acid in pott.

Mix another 30 seconds so that sugar is mixed well!

You can try it now. If you think that it's to sweet, add more water.

Turn stove on, boil for 5-10 minutes

Step 5: Heat Up Glass Bottles

While pears juice is boilind, let as prepare glass bottles or jars!

We use this method. Clean glass bottles or jars put in oven. Turn oven on to 150 C. It

Step 6: Let's Finish This!

After the jars/bottles are heated, you can start pooring juice.

You need to be very carefull because juice is very hot and sweet and if a drop landed on you skin you will be burn! Because it's sweet it's almost like hot glue so be carefull!

Pool juice to the top. Don't put plug() instantly after pooring.

Once you finish, put the plugs on bottles. Cover bottles with kitchen towel and leave it to cool don't. Cooling process is very slow and it's can take several hours to finish completely. While juice is cooling vacuum is created inside of bottles so that plug is sealed really good! This is one of the reason why it's so hard sometimes to open jar or bottles.

Step 7: Storing

Store juice in cold and dark place.

Step 8: You Can Watch This Video...

You can watch this video and see how my wife and I did it!

Enjoy this homemade pear juice!

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    Yummy, I'd like some :)