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Introduction: Homemade Roller Bender

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The main problem that people, who are occupied with doing various metallic projects and generally constructions, face is the bending of metallic pieces. The reason that this problem is arisen during these projects is because the metallic pieces need a lot of pressure, strength as well as accuracy to be bent. There are many machines to be used to achieve this but the cost is high. Although, the metal roller bender has been already made once by the ‘make it extreme’ team, the particular construction was not affordable by anyone as more specialized machines were needed to be made than the ones that can be found in any home. Therefore, this our 56th construction is more user-friendly to everyone, is relatively affordable, is extremely useful and it will fill with feelings of joy and satisfaction the people who want to spend their time productively.

Step 1: Home Girder

To start with, we used a piece of home girder with total length 144cm, 18cm width and 9cm height. Then, we cut it in four pieces, 3 pieces of 28cm and another one of 60cm. We made the basis of our machine by putting the long piece on the basis and then we welded one of the pieces of 28cm vertically, on it. On the last piece, we connected another one piece of 28cm horizontally. In this way, we completed the basis of our machine.

Step 2: Regarding Piece

Regarding the remaining piece, we connected it with a hinge of 20mm thickness and 18cm length on the horizontal, stable piece of 28cm. In this way, we created the moveable piece of the metal bender that regulates the inclination that we want to have on the bending pieces. On the two pieces of 28cm both the moveable one and the immoveable one, we placed 4(Y) bearing of 20mm, 2 in each piece. While between the two pieces, we placed a bearing with a flange of 25mm. The height of these bearings is regulated with some holes that we created at the sides of the metal bender in order to regulate the height of the central axis according to the thickness of the material that we want to bend and they have the potential to alter positions according to the height of these bended materials. In this way, placing three metallic axis, 2 of 20mm thickness and one of 25mm thickness, we created the rollers, on which the irons roll during the bending. The inclination on the moveable piece is made with a bottle jack that it can lift up to 2 tonnes. Moreover, placing a screw at the central point of the axis, we can put the drill to revolve the axis and bend metals as well as revolve using also the hand supported by a wheel that is located on the same point.

Step 3: Done

One detail that increases the potentials of the particular construction is that all the required adjustments have been made so that the axes from the one side can be exerted in order to make some space to place the rollers for bending tubes or circular iron materials. Also, another crucial detail that increases the functionality of our machine is the regulation through the holes, with which we can move the bearings of 20mm away from the center or vice versa. This is very important as while bending thick metals, the bearings decrease the power when they are away from the center while for the creation of narrower bending, the bearings are placed as closer to the center as possible.

Step 4: Video

Finally, the particular idea and its original form came up five years ago and we should say that we are completely satisfied with its performance. To sum up, this time we decided to make this construction to give to our viewers the opportunity to also, try to make their own metal bender at their own home through electric welding, using an angle grinder and a drill. Our last piece of advice is to be patient while making it as even this construction is simple, it also needs a lot of patience and accuracy!

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83 Discussions

Good project but poorly described, no parts lists or their descriptions.

1 reply

if you cant work out it out by looking at the basic pictures he has supplied you cant build it.

what type of bearing u used? and i dont understand bearing with flange can u send me picture of each part with their names

Question on rolling square or even rectangle ( both ways in roller ) and bow out or distortion without using a "proper square" die with collar.. Is there any real noticeable effect? No tight circles for me.. 4 - 10 +++ foot circles..

I like how you made the handle for the tool on the tool itself :D

Excellent build and a great instructable.

I built beast like this for bending 1/8th scale railroad rail. I used eccentric instead of bottle jack to adjust bend angle (range of adjustment required is much smaller). Hard part was making form-fitting rollers to mate with the rail-form.

Problem was getting uniform bends. I discovered secret was over-bending slightly, then reversing work and un-bending to desired radius.

It occurs to me that with a bit of added machining, one can cut grooves in the rollers and roll thick wire or rod with a great degree of accuracy.

Thank you! I have some materials I was going to take to the recycler, but now I can repurpose them into something I can actually use!

waooooh I need to do it !

I am very impressed, the skill to make it has to be beyond most of us. Yet Harbor Freight has a roller bender for $180, and they have 20% off coupons.



I own a metal fab. shop so I can appreciate what this gentleman did with a few hand tools. Great job,very impressive.

2 replies

What is the price of this product and what is the fault in this product? How much size pipes can be used in this product?

1 reply

It is a very nice product

What is the price of this product and what is the fault in this product? How much sizes of pipes can be used in this product?

guys,what is biggest tube or profile you bent on it ? im gonna make one in next few days,just courious :) by the way great job and welding skills

I have enjoyed to watch some of your Youtube videos. I must say, again you've created a very useful tool. Thank's a lot for sharing it with us.