Homemade STM8 Development Board

A simple development board for STM8 was made by thermal transfer, with only the programming and reset functions. The drawing time is long, mainly without the TSSOP20 package. The production time is very short, and it will be done in more than an hour. It seems that before the photosensitive plate, the photosensitive dry film, the photosensitive wet film is going to the evil road. There are many steps in the long time, no heat transfer is quick. And this time the line width of 12mil is no problem, not a break.



Step 1:

Take all the feet out. The better place to design here is that the reset button just spans the positive and negative lines. No jumpers are needed.

Step 2:

Printed out, this thermal transfer paper is specially bought, according to the seller is a large density paper, white. The effect is really good.

Step 3:

One-time success.

Step 4:

The STM8S103 is soldered up. The dirty ink will not be rubbed.

Step 5:

I forgot the text on the thermal transfer, and printed a piece of paper to stick it up. I tried it with STLink and it seems to be successful.



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