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Introduction: Homemade Wakeboard, Wakeskate Winch From BeachWinches.com

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Here is a simple wakeboard, wakeskate winch that you can bring anywhere. Ride your wakeboard or wakeskate places a boat can not go. This is a very exciting project and for more info about beach winches go to http://www.beachwinches.com
You can use this winch for wakeboarding, wakeskating, skimboarding, snowboarding, etc. so this one winch is a very verstile machine.

Here is a short video describing what a beach winch is.

Step 1: First the Spool

First I built the spool

Here is my spool. I do cnc machining so I cut my spool walls out of heavy duty plastic. I am confident it will work just fine because i've seen it used before. If it doesnt work I will replace it with steel walls.
1/2 all thread.
1/2" galvenized pipe.
ny-lock nuts. 
Go Kart hubs.

Step 2: Drill/tap Your Hubs

I had to drill/tap a set screw into each hub. I also have the studs/cotter pins to make it a releasable spool if I dont like it this way.

Step 3: Assemble Your Spool

Asemble Your Spool like the pictures and make sure you threadlock your bolts. The 1000 bullet line was purchased here http://www.bulletlines.com/?Click=1676

Step 4: Now for the Frame

Now for the frame. I used 2" square 14ga tubing. It took a little less then 20ft to build. the base is 40x18" (not including the trailer hitch part). All the detailed measurments are in the picture below.

Step 5: Measure Twice

Make sure everything is square! Measure twice!

Step 6: Add Your Trailer Hitch

All done with welding, the motor mount is sloted for chain tension adjustments. I put 2 trailer hitch mounts, one tucks it up close for traveling and one sticks it strait out for riding.

Step 7: Prep for Painting

Paint prep/paint. Use paint thinner and a scuff pad to clean the metal, then paint. We used spray truck bed lining to make our winch rust proof and tough.

Step 8: Final Assembly

After the paint dries then you are ready for your final assembly. The wheels come on and off. (i still need to drill the hole for the trailer hitch pin so you can pull it without the wheels slipping off)

Step 9: Add Your Splash Guard

Put a splash guard on, and added an exhaust peice so it would not melt the splash guard. The splash guard protects your engine from rusting.

Step 10: Final Product Specs

All it needs now is a wakeboard handle for the line and the winch is complete!

Final Product Specs:

motor- 6.5 honda clone. 3/4" shaft with 10 tooth Centrifugal Clutch
chain- #41 chain
spool sprocket- 54 tooth
1" pillow blocks
1" axle
ATV roller fairlead
spool- 15" OD- adjustable ID 6" & 8"- 6" wide (easily holds 1000ft of bullet line at the 8" ID setting)

 when I burn up the CC I will be changing to a TAV2 torque converter and modifying my spool to be a releasing spool.

Did you build this?
Post a photo (or better yet a video!) photo of your Beach Winch in the comments below!

Thank you for reading my instructable! You may find this winch plan and more at http://www.beachwinches.com.

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Hi there, could you please send me your spool wall drawing with the measurements on it?


where did you get the contrifugal clutch from


9 months ago

Can u post a list of every part used and how many plz

well you could just pull the rear wheel off of a motorcycle and put that spool thing on it. Boom easy.

what software did you use to make that computer design id like to put my own twist on it

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Do you think that a 4hp lawn mower engine would be enough power? and would it work if I set the spool up side ways?

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Where did u buy ur torgue converter....???

Also what would happen if you didn't use any sort of torque converter and just ran a chain straight from the shaft coming out of the engine?

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Little late to answer but your gonna get a winch that speeds up and slows down with pull, not hugely noticeable but worth the extra investment

About how much will this cost?

What size motor do you use? Is a 5hp two stroke big enough? It is from a pressure washer