Homemade Wooden Watch Box



About: Interior Designer

Intro: Homemade Wooden Watch Box

A nice accessory to keep your watches together

Step 1: Design and Cutting

Main Materials:

plywood 5x20x50 cm x3


small saw (iron saw or wood saw)

Polyurethane glue (Quick stick) or Wood glue

Design by size:

Box size : 20x20x7 cm

small box size 6.2x6.2 cm x9

Step 2: Combining and Sanding

all part sanding and Easy to combine

Step 3: Paste and Wait

Tighten the pieces together and paste.

Step 4: Paint

3 time paint

Step 5: Covering and Last Steps

I use the carbon label. Or there may be another coating

Step 6: A Few Small Pillow and Watches

and over. thanks



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