Homemade Loudspeaker Using LM386

Hi! Today I'm gonna show you my latest project which is a loudspeaker powered by a LM386 audio-amp.
My inspiration came from a project made by my friend Nicu Florica and because I had few LM386 chips around, I've managed to make a project of my own.
I've printed the schematic on a piece of tagging paper which is a bit glossy and as you already know, glossy paper is best to make PCBs using the heat transfer method. I've used a hot iron to transfer the schematic from the paper onto a piece of clean copper-covered board, but because I was anxious to see the results, the transfer failed. This is not a big problem for me when I have a permanent marker around because I have a pretty steady hand when I have to draw something.
After feric chloride bath, drilling, soldering and testing, I've found in my pile with old stuff, a small loudspeaker from a 2.1 sound system I had around for a while and I thought that this is a perfect enclosure for the amplifier circuit.
It took me some time to open the back of the loudspeaker, but after that I've cut short the audio cable of the inside speaker and I've drilled some holes for the power jack, volume potentiometer and audio input jack. I fixed everything in place with hot glue, I've did all the wirings and that's all.

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    3 years ago

    No schematic, thumbs down!

    did you read the article? there's a link (written with orange letters) that you can follow for schematics and so on.

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