Homemade Pom-poms So You Can Get Yer Cheer on Super Bowl Sunday




Introduction: Homemade Pom-poms So You Can Get Yer Cheer on Super Bowl Sunday

This Sunday, like millions of Americans throughout the nation, you'll find yourself planting your booty on a comfortable couch, a manly-sized plate of cheesy chili-buffalo wing nachos strategically balanced on your knees, one hand cradling a soft drink cozy containing a freezing cold beverage, the other free to dip into Mount Nacho, happily watching your favorite team kicking the snot out of your least favorite at the Superbowl in Tampa.

But what do you do when you've stuffed your gullet so full of nasty and naughty yet tasty treats to the point that it's now hard to impossible for you to jump up and cheer your team on as they make their way towards a crucial touchdown? Trapped in your overstuffed seating, your overstuffed self is feeling pretty embarrassed that you can't represent. Thus, letting the team down and leaving other party-goers questioning your true loyalty.

We can't have that.

Simple solution. Set a few minutes aside the night before the big game to craft yourself a few team colored pom-poms.

These easy pom-poms seriously take 5 minutes or less to make and are made from materials you probably already have at home, some of which are recycled items. Show up with a few of these babies in your hand fashioned with your team's colors and not only will other party-goers be thoroughly impressed by your ginormous team spirit but they will also see how "green" you are. After all, if we don't take care of our planet what will become of all that turf? And no one will catch-on to your game day binging as you yell "Go, go, go," shaking your homemade pom-poms from the couch.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Materials

To create your very own semi-eco-friendly pom-poms you'll need to gather the following materials:

an empty toilet paper roll

2 large sheets of tissue paper in your team's colors
(black and yellow for Steelers, red and white for Cardinals)--these should be recycled pieces from a gift you received--if you're a Cardinal's fan you're in luck because you probably have a few pieces of red and white leftover from the Christmas gifts you still haven't put away.

a 6x4" rectangle piece of colored construction paper (either Black or Red depending on your team)

a 6x2" rectangle piece of colored construction paper (either Yellow or White again depending on your team)

The two different sized construction paper are interchangeable so if you only have a piece of yellow and a piece of black that's ok--go with it.

glue stick



Step 2: Wrap It Up

Glue the small rectangular piece of colored construction paper to the middle of the large piece of colored construction paper.

Wrap the glued pieces of construction paper around the circumference of the empty toilet paper roll.

Staple the wrapped construction paper to the empty toilet paper tube down the seam of the paper. Three staples should do the trick.

Now you have a stylish handle to grip when you shake, shake, shake.

Step 3: Major Shredder

Fold your 2 large pieces of tissue paper in half lengthwise. Then fold that in half width-wise. Shred your folded colored tissue paper by cutting them into thin strips about 1/2 inch wide or less depending on how thick or thin you want the strings to be.

Step 4: Stuff It

Keep strips folded to create a full pom-pom. Hold the folded side of the strips in your hand and stuff it about 1/3 of the way into the toilet paper roll so that the individual strands flare out making a nice fluffy pom.

Step 5: Everything Is Secured

Now, pinch closed the end of the toilet paper tube with the tissue paper sticking out of it. Using the stapler, place three to four staples along the top of the tube to secure the tissue paper to the toilet paper tube.

Mission accomplished.

Step 6: Shake-ah, Shake-ah, Shake-ah

Repeat steps one more time for a pair of pom-poms if you wish.

You're all set! Now it's time to test out your new semi-eco-friendly pom-poms and your major cheer skills by shaking your pom-poms and money-maker all over with a little "Bricka bracka firecracker, sis boom bah."

Do this for a good 30 minutes and burn enough calories to indulge in a sweet little game day treat!

Game on! Go Steelers!

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11 years ago on Introduction

Awesome as usual! Great project for the kids to do DURING the game, too. Especially if they're bored after the first 5 minutes of the game :)


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

I'll be on thw Wii, so I'll never be bored! lol. I could make these for my family's party of 3 downstairs.....*thinks out into space*