Honda Odyssey Door Handle Repair 1999-2004




Introduction: Honda Odyssey Door Handle Repair 1999-2004

        A common problem on these years of Odyssey is a side door broken handle. It looks fine on the outside but something has snapped off in the door and now it can only be opened from inside the van. The handle on the outside moves but does nothing.

Step 1: Disassembly

This photo is the back of the handle, the part that is inside the door. With some basic disassembling abilities one would remove the interior door panels including the ones around the window to access this part. The feeble plastic part you see pictured has broken.
The backing plate and the plastic part come together from honda and can't be purchased seperately. I think it is around $100. If you want to fix what you have keep reading.
You will have to fish around the bottom of the door to find the part that has broken off as you will need it.

Step 2: Make Support Piece

With the broken piece removed get a piece of aluminum or tin that can be easily bent with pliers and cut with tin snips. Shape it similar to what is in the photo making sure to have some parts of it that can wrap around and hold the plastic parts.

Step 3: Fit

The aluminum should fit closely to the broke part as shown

Step 4: Epoxy Repairs

Using JB weld glue the parts together bending any tabs you made over the plastic parts keeping the excess off any areas that swivel. Follow the instructions for JB weld letting it set up for 24 hours.

Step 5: Final Reassembly

Reassemble  the  parts as in the photo and it will be ready to go back into the door.
This repair worked well for my 1999 Odyssey. Over time I had to do both side door handles this way. I saved a little money and didn't have to wait for the handle assembly to be ordered.

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4 Discussions


3 months ago

But how to you get the handle off it's stuck its got the bar on it and it's attached to the peace that's broke and the handle it's self


5 years ago on Introduction

Wow, very imaginative way of fixing a part which 99% of people would just replace the entire handle assembly. Bravo.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

We sold this van 2 years later...doors still working fine.