Honeyduke's Chocolate Frog Cards

On my quest to make awesome Honeyduke's Chocolate Frog boxes, I ended up having to Photoshop my own template for printing. Once I did this, I obviously needed Chocolate Frog cards to match.

Also, make sure you have the following:

  1. A cutting pad
  2. An x-acto knife
  3. A ruler
  4. Heavy card stock paper
  5. A printer

Free Template Download

Customizable Templates

Step 1: Print the Cards

First, you'll need to print the cards. I suggest printing to regular paper first with your printer's lowest quality settings. After you print the fronts of the cards, flip the page over, feed it back into the printer and print the backs on the other side. If they don't line up properly, you will want to open either the back or front files in any image editor and move them slightly to the right or left, then print again (this is why you need to print on low quality first).

Once they are lined up properly, you can safely print them on card stock and your printer's highest settings.

Step 2: Cut Out the Cards

Next you'll want to cut out the cards. I suggest using an x-acto knife, cutting pad, and ruler. You can accomplish this with scissors as well, but it won't look as nice.

To do this with an x-acto knife: place the printed cards on the cutting pad. Then line the ruler up with where you want to cut. Press down on the ruler hard so as to keep it, and the printed cards underneath, still. With your other hand use the x-acto knife to cut along the edge of the ruler. If you do it right, you will get a perfectly straight line.

I'm going to assume that you need no instructions on how to use scissors, if you choose that route.

Once you are finished, inspect all of the cards to make sure none of them have any white around the edges.

Step 3: You're Finished!

That's it! You're done.

They will fit perfectly in my Chocolate Frog boxes.

Let me know what you think and post pictures of yours in the comments.




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    10 Discussions


    9 days ago

    What font did you use for the cards?


    2 months ago

    So, I guess you have to pay for premium to get the card printables? The link doesn't seem to match the pictures shown. Thanks


    Question 2 months ago on Introduction

    Hi Can you please provide the template for the cards? The link provided is not for the same cards. Thanks!


    5 months ago on Introduction

    Hi!!! These are really amazing!!!! I've made the chocolate frog boxes as well!!! Is it possible for you to put the chocolate frog cards you made (pretty please) on the website? I'm hopeless at photoshop and can't get anything to work..... Thank you so much for a fabulous tutorial!!

    Jade xx


    Question 6 months ago on Introduction


    Your HP instructables are fantastic! Is it possible for you to email some of the printables, please (I can see they've been removed from download)? Or am I able to buy them from you?

    I doing a birthday party for my 8yo daughter next weekend, and the chocolate frog box + cards would be amazing to make.

    Thank you for all the work you've put into these.



    6 months ago

    This is great have any chocolate frogs? mine ran off.....


    Question 7 months ago on Step 3

    could I get a copy of the frog boxes for my daughters Harry Potter birthday party


    7 months ago

    I want the templates, please, can you rerelease them?


    2 years ago

    Thank you! Using this for my 7yo's birthday party this weekend, will try to post pictures.