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Introduction: Hoot Hoot - Owl Costume

Halloween is my favorite time of the year so I always try to make my own costume. This year I decided to be an owl! Here is how I did it!

After searching Google images I took a few different costume ideas and compiled different aspects to make my own costume. 

What I used: 

A cotton fitted beige dress
5 assorted brown / beige fabrics
Fabric glue (lots of it)
Hot glue gun / glue
Plastic Glasses

I definitely had a hoot making it and I received lots of compliments on the outfit! 

Step 1: Step 1: Creating the Feathers

To create the feathers I cut out a stencil from card stock paper in the size and shape that I wanted the feathers to be in. I  then traced it over and over onto the backside of my fabric using chalk. I used 5 different colors/textures of fabrics. After tracing I cut out all the feathers. 

Step 2: Step 2: Gluing the Dress

I don't have a sewing machine / am not particularly fond of sewing so I opted to glue my feathers on. The dress I used was a tight fitting cotton dress. I wouldn't recommend a stretchy-fabric dress like I chose as it is quite difficult to work with. I ran a strip of glue along the top of the feather, then pressed it onto the dress for a few seconds until it held. Unfortunately since my dress stretches I had to stretch it out while placing the feathers on so that I would still be able to fit into it, this method proved troublesome and took much longer as I had to wait for the glue to dry before moving onto another area.  I overlapped the feathers in a random pattern and worked my way up row by row. 

Step 3: Step 3: Complete Dress

I put feathers all the way up the front of the dress but on the back I only went with a skirt style. I needed the back of the dress to remain un-feathered so that I would still be able to stretch the dress to  fit into it. I would recommend having a dress that doesn't require stretching it to put it on. I also had to leave the shoulder straps feather free so I could stretch them to get into it. I trimmed the feathers on the outer edge so I would have a straight edge of feathers running down the seams. 

Step 4: Step 4: the Wings

For the wings I cut the fabric to reach from my shoulder blade to my wrist and made them accurate to my body size. I then repeated the gluing process. I decided to only cover half the wing with feathers for two reasons; 1: Weight: I didn't want the wings to be too heavy and 2: Time: I was short of time and tired of having glue all over my fingers. I attached them to my costume using safety pins on my shoulder straps and onto a hair tie around my wrist. I didn't attach the base of the wing to my lower back to allow for more mobility in my arms. 

Step 5: Step 5: the Mask

I used a selection of brown and white crafting feathers for the mask. I glued them on in layers to a pair of plastic glasses until I go the desired look I was going for. The beak was made from card stock that I cut out and fastened on with a hot glue gun.  

Step 6: Step 6: All Done!

The costume was time consuming to make because it required so many feathers to be cut out; however, the costume is pretty simple and I loved wearing it! 



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    You could also put on an ankle bracelet with some numbers & letters as though you were a banded bird being tracked by biologists, but maybe only a geeky crowd of ornithologists would understand what that is.

    1 reply

    Hahaha I love that idea! If I ever wear the costume again I'll be sure to add that. So clever! Thanks!

    FAB JOB! Very cute and creative. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S: Hope you don't mind adding, rather than use fabric for the feathers one could use always 2 mm thick craft foam which either could be machine stitched on (using a basting stitch or similar) or glued (Krazy or Super Glue gel). Also might suggest cutting it out with a fabric 'rotary cutter' which would be quicker than using scissors.

    1 reply

    Thanks :) I don't mind at all, those are great suggestions to add! I wish I used a rotary cutter my fingers were dying by the time I finished. Also felt would work for the feathers.


    I can tell you put a lot of worry into it, nice job.

    looks great, definitely better than my costume this year lol

    looks great, definitely better than my costume this year lol

    Looks nice, well done,, ,, just kidding it's very impressive for a few feathers and glue