Horse Tire Swing




This is a great idea for your old tires . takes some time and strong hands as always have fun and re use what u can
These are instructions for making a horse tire swing. This will require some artistic talent for drawing a basic horse shape and some strength to cut the tire. It will also require a strong support for the weight of the child and the swing. Thick tree limbs are best. Here is how to make a horse tire swing.
Items needed for a DIY horse tire swing:

Bias ply tire (scrubbed and cleaned; clear-coated to prevent black coming off on clothes is optional)
Industrial shears

Bolts with nuts, washers, and cover caps (minimum 1 ½ inch bolt length)

2 eye bolts with nuts and washers for support and mounting (minimum 1 inch)

Wrenches (sized to bolt head and nut)

Boring tool (for support holes)

Poster board (larger than tire circumference)

Pencil and chalk

Rope, chain, or cable (strong enough to hold weight of child and tire)


Scotch tape
How to make a horse tire swing:

Step #1:

Lay tire on poster board. Use pencil to draw a circle of the inside and outside circumference of the tire. Remove tire and draw horse pattern between the two lines (pattern should be in 5 sections: head, neck, body, haunches, and tail. No legs are drawn. Nose of the horse should meet the end of the tail). Pinpoint where support holes will be (preferably where neck and tail meet the body) as well as joining holes where sides of tire will be bolted together (preferably 2 for head, 2 for neck, 2 or 3 for body, 2 for haunches, 2 for tail).Step #2:

Use scissors to cut out pattern for the DIY horse tire swing to you make your own horse tire swing.

Step #3:

Wrap cut-out pattern around tire and tape in place. Use chalk to draw outline of pattern onto tire. Remove pattern when you make your own horse tire swing.

Step #4:

Cut chalk-outlined horse using industrial shears. Use cutting tool to make holes for support bolts and joining holes. Use industrial shears to separate tire between nose and tail of horse pattern.

Step #5:

Bolt together all sections of the horse tire swing using nuts and washers. Cover ends of bolts with caps. Attach eye bolts using nuts and washers (bolt end will be on underside of tire).

Step #6:

Attach rope, chain, or cable to eye bolts. Hang on mounting surface, keeping two rope lengths separated to avoid entanglement with child. This is a very important part of the instructions for making a horse tire swing.

This is how to make your own horse tire swing. Check rope occasionally for wear. This is also very important for a DIY horse tire swing.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Made a pattern transfer grid for the drawing for my own purposes: thought others might appreciate it as well. Feel free to move this grid to the main set of drawings.

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    Mo' CKwolf12

    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks Kwolf 12...... This will save me from making my own grid! Big help ?


    4 years ago

    I'm sorry, my son pushed the flag buttons while I wasn't paying attention!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is a very fun idea. However, it would be more helpful if you posted step-by-step pictures to clarify your instructions.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction Check out this site. It has some better step by step photos and even some that were used in this instructiable.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I see horses like that in the "tiovivo ecologico", a human powered ecological carrousel, a lot of times, and the kids enjoy them a lot, my son is a great fan of these horses.
    You can see it here: