Hot As a Pepper Wants to Win the Jack Daniel's Independence Project Contest!




Some people will immediately think that making music is not a business, but let me assure you that it is.  Musicians invest more time in learning and honing their craft than many engineers, physicists and surgeons. They invest more money in their tools than most mechanics. And, they work as many hours as most blue collar laborers, just different hours.

Our band, Hot As A Pepper is a Greenville South Carolina based group comprised of four "mature" individuals who are seasoned professionals. We provide live entertainment for parties, bars, festivals and corporate events.

What is missing to make us stand out from the crowd is not some amazing studio recording, but instead, technology!

We would love to have 25,000 to spend on the tools we need in order to sound and look as professional as we can possibly manage.

$25k would permit us to purchase additional sound re-enforcement equipment and lighting.

Audio gear wanted:

Presonus 24 channel digital mixing console, with capability to be controlled by an iPad wirelessly anywhere in the venue, along with 24 tracks of recording.
Pair of 15" powered mains and matching 15" subwoofers (we would prefer 18s, but  we're not THAT picky)

Lighting equipment:

Lighting truss to hold our current DMX controllable LED lighting
Additional DMX LED lighting fixtures, including moving head lights.

And a trailer to contain all of the new gear so we can stop destroying our personal vehicle interiors.

No, we're not a green company, trying to save the world... We're the band trying to save you from the run of the mill...  We want to help you forget about your business worries!

We are Hot As A Pepper, and we're for hire!

Please note that all Hot As A Pepper members, including myself are 21 years of age.  And then some.  (DOB: 11/11/1965)



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Joey, I was going to reply to your entry, but I don't see an "add comment" box there... Strangggggeee!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Haha thanks Joey! Best of luck with your entry! If we don't win, I hope that you do!!!!!!!