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Introduction: House Built With Plastic and Glass Bottles

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A friend sent me these pictures about a house that was built using recycled materials.



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      Ignore your "logic" and do some research. There are ENTIRE COMMUNITIES that use plastic bottles for building. Once mud is put inside of the plastic bottles they become practically indestructable and make for great housing. 

     The glass bottles aren't going to magically break with mud inside of them. That doesn't even make sense. Do you windows and glass doors at home break for no reason? A glass bottle with mud inside would be much more durable than a glass window standing on its own.

         yeah but its still a cement structure from an engineering point of view the plastic bottles filled with cement or mud cause a layer a fault between the cement and it will not bond properly.     so under certain situations it is worthless.   mostly because the bottles are smooth and there is nothing for the mud or cement to stick to.     when you use brick the bricks are rough so there is room for it to bind in to. 

    more than 50 project and last 9 year our houses in Honduras soport
    earthquake 7.1 richter tel us don belive the cement industry !!
    After 16 years living in 3 world you learn other reality

    I know the comment is pretty old but to address the idea of bottles in either cement or adobe houses you can go online and find bottle houses or builds well over 100 years old. This is simply a case of useing inexpenive recycled material. check that website out, this guy Michael E Reynolds have been building houses like this for over 40+years. He has a degree in architecture and an architecture licence. This build was likely inspired from his work. He builds self supporting houses (meaning they produce the energy, water and food needed for humans to survuve) with partly recycled materials.
    he also did a TED talk which can be seen here

    and a documentary was made about him called Garbage Warrior wich can be seen on for free

    dont be so quick to judge from ur current knowledge ;)

    See my comment above. Watch a series call Grand Designs available on YouTube and look for the episode that involves an entire house built from glass bottles and mud/concrete. The presenter is both an architect and an engineer and knows his stuff. If you are interested at all in this kind of building you need to watch this series, though as it's been on TV in the UK for 15 years you will have a number of episodes to sort through, but it's well worth it and very informative.

     Cement isn't really the greatest of the eco-friendly building products...

    Except cement/concrete buildings built by the Romans over 2000 years ago are still standing, and in the case of one combined earthquake/flood the roman built concrete bridge was the ONLY building left standing. All the modern ones were ruins.

    Exactly!!!  People who are critical of this type of construction obviously can afford to live in "modern" houses, which are very "un" eco friendly.  But they are the types of people who don't care about our planet.  Or decent living spaces for the disadvantaged. 

    We dont use cement in our walls the first house is soporting 30 to until 9 jears


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    Look on YouTube for a series called Grand Designs. In there you will f ind some houses built using bottles and another built using used car tires. They show you exactly how they are built and go from plot of ground to finished project being lived in. May answer some of your questions. Is certainly done in Europe as the above programme shows.

    I wanted to do that
    I like it
    but how could I get waste bottle??
    if I'm purchasing from scrap collectors thn for that much more money needed Hahaha
    it is same price compare to cement bricks...!!

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    Ask all your friends to save their empty plastic water and soda bottles. You'll be surprised how fast the pile grows and you're helping the recycling effort as well.


    1 year ago

    Would be great in an earthquake zone, especially if built using plastic bottles. If the walls fall in on you you won't be trapped by heavy steel beams etc.. Great idea and one I will be researching further. Many thanks for the photos.