How Many Looks Can One Plate Have?

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I was planning my posts for December and decided I wanted to create more than one holiday table setting.

Step 1: Infinity Plates

Using clear glass plates I created a couple of very different looks. It opened unlimited ways of using the same clear plate simply by changing the paper or paper plate underneath the plate.

Step 2: Holiday Table Setting # 1 Green Grinch

Starting with brass chargers I added bright green paper plates and the clear glass plates on top.

Step 3: Peppermint Dessert Table

Starting with red chargers I cut out striped tissue paper and topped it with the clear glass plates.

Step 4: Christmas Breakfast

I thought the Christmas tree on the old car scrapbooking paper was really cute, topped it with the plates and an ornament. The red paper doily under the plate looked sweet on top of the Christmas plaid tablecloth.

Step 5: Unlimited Plates

Having Surf and Turf, try a cute lobster paper. Maybe a day at the zoo, checkout an animal print. I notice that when these clear plates are used a lot they can show scratches. A caterer friend told me that you can use a drop or two of oil to buff out the scratches.

Scrapbook paper, tissue paper, gift wrap, paper plates, photographs there are infinity ways to use these plates.

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    Penolopy Bulnick

    27 days ago

    Using different paper with a clear plate is a great for special occasions. There are just too many holidays to buy special tableware for all of them :)