How Not to Order an Arctic Laser

Introduction: How Not to Order an Arctic Laser

Many people have had very unpleasant experiences ordering Arctic lasers because they have been ordering the wrong way.

Read how not to order an Arctic laser and discover how avoid a lot of frustration and anguish. A must read for anyone planning on ordering an Arctic laser.

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Step 1: Expectations

One major reason people have trouble ordering the Arctic laser is because they have unrealistic expectations. So the following is a list of expectations not to have

-order to arrive in less than 6 to 8 weeks
-a tracking number for your shipment
-specifications for the free shades
-batteries that don't explode, damage the laser or have other issies
-a laser that can last for more than an hour or so
-fast and effective communications about your order
-more than 800mW of the advertised 1000mW of power
-any response to emails/phone calls/faxes/door knocks regarding problems

To be on the safe side, don't have any expectations!

Step 2: Making the Order

Making the order is simple and easy which is part of the problem. Many people after waiting months for a laser that does not come or receive a laser that dies in the first few minutes will want a refund. Refunds are not simple and easy. So this is not how you make the order.

1-grab your credit card or god forbid, bank account details
2-order the laser and pay online
3-sit back and expect the laser to arrive in the next couple of weeks

What you should do is circle 6 months on the calender which is your deadline for making a chargeback when a refund is refused. If you paid by bank transfer, your finished because there is no protection.

Step 3: Using the Laser

Do not charge the batteries then call your friends over to impress them with your shiny new laser.

Here are some of the things that could go wrong
-Your batteries may explode, have damaged nipples or dissolve into a puddle of goo
-laser does not work, you look like an idiot
-laser stops working after 5 minutes, you look like an idiot
-laser falls apart or blow up, you look like an idiot
-safety glasses don't work and you blind your friends, you don't look like an idiot

and the list goes on.

What you should do is CAREFULLY charge the batteries, test the laser multiple times to make sure ti works then call your friends. Have the xbox ready to entertain your friends if (when) the laser does not work.

Step 4: What You Should Do

So now you know how not to order an Arctic laser!

A special thanks to Laser Pointer Forum (a must use forum for anyone interested in lasers)  for providing excellent information on the Arctic laser and other lasers. This thread in particular is a must read

And a special thanks for Dragonlasers for supplying a 1 watt laser that is delivered on time and does work. You can see that laser here

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Good thing I read this. I've been wanting to order a laser for some time. Now that I saw this I have no desire for one. A video would be funny to do with everything you describe. Who knows. Maybe you'll get a free laser from it.


    4 years ago on Step 4

    Sorry no such issues here other then 6 week delivery time. I did all of the above with no issues - laser (and batteries, note charger sucks, sourced better one elsewhere) still working some 6 months later. Li batteries are always a risk - after all even iPhones have been know to burst in to flames. Always hate people who post and then tell me to buy elsewhere (try to sell me on another supplier). Maybe I could find something cheaper but....