How to Be a Wizard

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Ever wonder if a normal person could have magical powers? People can with their imaginations. In these reps it shows you how you can do it and what it takes to be a wizard.

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Step 1: Look Like a Wizard

First off, to be a wizard you need to look like one. To start try making a cloak/robe.
You could go out and buy one or you could
Make one by cutting out measurements of the length you need it to be and sewing it together.
This is just one way to make a cloak, you can sew it or duct tape it.

Step 2: A Wizard and His/her STAFF!

With a staff a wizard can have help containing its overflowing power, and it looks pretty cool holding it.

Step 3: Wands!

For a wizard you could have a Wand or a staff.
Maybe you could have both, but his section is about wands. What do you use them for? To help you cast spells. These wands help with that, you could find the Right stick if you're a beginner. But for a master (advanced) you could roll up a painting and BAM! You have a wand. And my favorite a long, thick glow stick(and yes they make those)

Step 4: Magic at Work

Working for magic is a job that comes with great rewards at little cost. Some beings come with magic and some don't. The ones with imagination usually have magi in them but they need to let it out. Using magic is a way to do that. There are tons of cool things to do with magic, like fighting evil.

Step 5: Casting Magic

To use magic you use spells. Some spells have funny names like 'Fruity Tooty,' or 'Animalmus Callus'. But to look for spells you need to find some old magic books or make some of your own. To do this step you need to have creativeness and actually think about some of the spells you make.

Step 6: Mastering

I you accomplish these steps then you will or are a great wizard. Just be on the good side.



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7 months ago

can't wait 2 get all the things I need...….


2 years ago

This helped very well. I am now yelling CRUCIO at pedestrains walking down my street. You have now just made a wizard hitler.


2 years ago

what is the meaning of my life?


3 years ago

Nice! That is very clever.


5 years ago