How to Burn Raspbian Weezy to an SD Card ( FULL )

Introduction: How to Burn Raspbian Weezy to an SD Card ( FULL )

In this tutorial I will show you how to install Raspbian on an SD card.

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Step 1: What Is Raspbian, and Why Am I Reading This?

If you have just purchased a Raspberry Pi, or are interested in purchasing one, you will need to choose an operating system for the device. There are a wide variety of operating systems compatable, however I will show you how to burn just one to an SD card.

Step 2: What You Will Need:

To burn Raspbian to an SD card, you will need a few things.
1: SD Card reader/writer

2: An SD card with at least 4 gigabytes of available memory.

3: Software to burn .IMG files to an SD card

3a: I used Win32 Disk Imager for Windows: Win32 Disk Imager Download

3b: You can use Raspberry Pi SD Card Builder for Mac devices: Raspberry Pi SD Card Builder Download

4: The OS .IMG file: Raspbian Download

Step 3: Open the Image Burner

Once downloaded, find the location that you have saved the application in, and run it. Once you have set up the program, you will see the above application. This is what we will be using to load the .IMG file to the SD card,

Step 4: Select the .IMG File

Okay, so now we have the application open. Notice how in the top right we have a folder,and a drive listing. This is where we will select the drive, and the file to write to the drive.
Simply click on the folder icon, and select the IMG file that you downloaded.

Step 5: Insert Your SD Card to the SD Card Writer/reader

Once you insert your SD card, Windows will install the driver. Be sure that you format the SD card before writing to it. We want a clean slate, and nothing on the card besides Raspbian.

Step 6: Write to the SD Card

You should now have the file loaded into the program, and the drive of the SD card selected.

Click "Write," and the program will give you a warning. Click yes, and the program will begin to write the file to your SD card.

Step 7: You Did It!

Once completed, the program should say that the write was successful. Now you can insert your SD card into your Pi, and boot into Raspbian!

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