How to Draw a Crown




1) In this instructabl I will be teaching you how to draw a crown

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Step 1: Draw the Shape of the Base

1) Get a sheet of white paper and put your paper horizontal.

2) Draw a long thin oval in the shape of a smile.

Step 2: Draw the Sides Into a Design

1) Begin drawing pointy straight lines

2) Then draw them on the edge of the crown

Step 3: Draw the 2 Parts of the Middle

1) Draw longer lines, but draw them thicker over the small pointy lines that are on the edge of the crown

2) Don't connect to the middle yet

Step 4: Add the Middle Piece

1) Draw the middle like a rhombus

Step 5: The Final Design

1) Add the dots

2) Put one in the middle of the rhombus and below the middle

3) Put five dots but spread the dots, spaced out evenly, across the bottom

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    3 years ago

    First try made it for my grandma and she absolutely? it
    Thnx so much


    3 years ago

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As a non-drawer, I love hints on how to draw things step by step. It is nice to be able to reproduce a recognizable picture. Thanks!