How to Draw a Predator Mask

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How to draw a Predator mask 3 part video. In this first drawing video we have the beginnings of the pencil sketch of a Predators mask, bearing in mind that a Predator mask can look very different with various Predators at varying Hunter levels or rank, but this is the more original comic and movie version of a mask that resembles this idea.

Step 1: Sketching the Predator Mask Outline

Sketching the outline of the mask is the important part as the shape defines the Predator mask and also the mask itself is quite distinctive in it's design allowing for dreadlocks at the back of the mask.

Try and get this pencil sketch process right before progressing on to the next video step.

Step 2: Filling Out the Predator Mask Design

The second drawing video here deals with filling out the design as well as shading the eyes and the inner details of the Predators mask. gain this is another crucial stage of the drawing process as lines and shadow that you add can alter the future of your drawing, so always have an eraser to hand if you make any mistakes.

Step 3: Drawing in the Details for the Predator Mask

Drawing in the details now on the Predator mask and these details include trying to add light pencil shading on the mask to represent a lot of the tone of the mask which would be slightly lighter than the eye holes for instance. I loosely sketched in the dreadlocks, but didn't want to draw them completely as it was the Predators mask I wanted to focus on more.

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