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This tutorial is for intermediate level drawers and can be hard for artists who don't draw as often as others. Use the pictures to help you out and remember to check out my future tutorials.

• 0.5 - 0.7 mechanical pencil or no.2 wood pencil
• kneaded eraser(optional) or any other eraser
Coloring supplies(also optional)

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Step 1: Work Your Way Down

For most of my drawings I like to start the drawing from top to bottom. In this step, draw Naruto's hair like curved mountains.

Step 2: Naruto's Headband

Once you're done with the first step, The headband as it is shown in the picture. The band is not fully portrayed because of the extra hair that will be in the next step

Step 3: Extra Hair

Naruto's hair is usually kind of messy so it is seen on and off of his headband

Step 4: Starting the Head

We will start off with the shape of the head draw lightly just in case you want to change something.

Step 5: Face Details Part 1

In the next couple steps will focus on the face of Naruto. Draw the side burns the bottom corners of the headband. The whiskers should be placed on the cheeks and right below his ear lobes.

Step 6: Face Details Part 2

Now we will be doing Naruto's eyes, mouth, and nose. Look at the three pictures to help you and serve itself as an example.

Step 7: Final Touches

Make sure you add the final details shown on the picture and fix what ever you think is necessary. Checkout my Instagram @creativityferchu and give me requests or suggestions on what I should do next. Remember I don't just do drawings. I will later do tutorials on other things like sports or instrument playing



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