How to Fix Unsupported Data Files, and Download Your Favorite Video Files for Your PSP Portable




I used Media Go, and did some of the tricks to get an unsupported video files to work on my PSP.

This is all my steps that I did, when I first got my unsupported video files to work on my PSP. It works 100% with all my video files onto my PSP Portable

Things you will need:
*Media Go Download*
*Keep Vid for downloading Youtube URL Videos*

Step 1: Find Videos You Like on Youtube

Go to Youtube, and find your favorite videos you like. Then hit right-click on your mouse, and copy the Youtube URL

Step 2: Downloading Your Favorite Youtube Videos

Go to

Then hit right-click on your mouse, and paste your Youtube URL codes in your Keep Vid URL box, then hit Download button.

Step 3: Downloading Media Go

Step 4: Connect PSP

Connect your PSP into your computer

Step 5: Drag and Drop Your Video Files

Drag your video files into your PSP video folder, then disconnect it.

Your video files will show up unsupported data on your PSP portable.

Step 6: Using Media Go With Downloaded Video

Connect back your PSP into the computer

What you want to do next is open Media Go. Right-click on video files on your PSP, and hit transfer to Library. Then delete the video files on your PSP.

Step 7: Transfer It Back, and Disconnecting It. Enjoy!!

Then go to Library. and transfer back into your PSP. Disconnect your PSP once your done with it. Enjoy!!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    does it need to be from keepvid can i use clone2go


    Tooble is not a web based downloader, it is a downloaded software that takes up a few MB.