How to Fold a Paper Flower




Materials Needed:
A square piece of paper (size and color your choice)
A flat, hard surface

General Instructions:
When making each fold be sure to press hard so that your flower comes out looking clean and pressed. 

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Step 1: Diagonoal Folds

1. Lay your square paper flat and bring the bottom left corner up to the top right corner. Crease along the diagonal fold. 

Step 2: Diagonal Folds

2.  Unfold and lay the paper flat again.  Bring the bottom right corner to the top left and crease along the diagonal line.  This should create a "X" on your paper. 

Step 3: Fold Corners In

3.  Fold all four corners into the center of the square.  All corners should meet in the center of the "X." 

Step 4: Folding Corners

4.  Fold the new four corners of the smaller square into the center again.

Step 5: Folding Corners

5.  Turn the paper over and fold all the corners into the center on the opposite side. 

Step 6: Leaflets of Flower

6.  Take each of the four corners that you just brought to the center and fold them in half back the other way so that the tip of each triangle is pointing away from the center.  The triangle tips should be able to be seen from the other side.

Step 7: Unfold Petals

7.  Flip your paper over again and fold the corners meeting in the center out to each corner.  Do this again to the next layer of corners.  This creates the petals of the flower. 

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6 years ago on Step 7

This is so pretty! And the steps are really clear, too. Thank you!


8 years ago on Step 7

Awesome, I made this for my mom on mothers day.


8 years ago on Introduction

I love it! It's basically a fortune teller, but turned into a flower. My 5th grade class loves it too!