How to Have Easy Minecraft Props

Introduction: How to Have Easy Minecraft Props

This is my very first instructable. I'm a very big fan of this site and everyone here.

In this instructable I will show you how to make a cheap, simple, and very easy Minecraft props. I am not responsible for any injuries. Kids ask an adult before handling sharp objects.

Step 1: What You Need

- A computer with Internet.
- A printer with ink and paper. (Or somewhere you can print in color for cheap.)
- 1 Glue Stick
- A knife. (I used an xacto knife to be more precise but it took time.)
- Cardboard (I used a tri-fold.)

- Scissors (To cut the pieces.)

Step 2: Choose Your Item!

First choose an item you want. I chose a diamond but you can choose whatever you want. I suggest to get the image(s) from the Minecraft wiki. Something without a background.

Step 3: Print It Out!

Make sure you measure your item. I eyed it. I have legal paper and I chose 4 copies as you can see. If its not the size you want then use Microsoft word and use the rulers. (Not sure how to use it on apple products. Sorry.)

Step 4: Cut and Paste!

Cut your items with the scissors in squares. And paste it onto the cardboard. Make sure to smooth it out! Ignore my hand.

Step 5: Get That Knife Ready!

Slowly go over the image with the knife. What I did was trace over the image then put the xacto knife through. Make sure not to cut yourself.

Step 6: Pop It Out!

After you cut it out, gently push out your item. Go around the whole thing to make sure you don't rip it

Step 7: Smooth It Out!

Gently push the sides to smooth it out.

Step 8: Congratulations!

You're done with your Minecraft props! Hope fully they turned out great. If you want there to be a back side just flip the image and print it out then cut it and paste it or redo the instructable! Thank you for your time!

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