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Introduction: Flea Poop

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fleas are hard to get rid of

I've made a simple trick to know if you have fleas

Step 1: Materials

Flea comb

Paper towel


Step 2: Steps

comb your dogs fur

When you start seeing black specks spray them with water

You will start seeing red

That is your dogs blood or possibly another animals blood depending on when you washed him

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:



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    I want to delete this instructable and post a new one because I don't know how to edit it. So if any one can help me, please comment on this instructable. Sorry for this.

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    No problem. You can also contact instructable service with any more questions, as danger is my middle name said.

    At first when looked at this instructable I thought to my myself " why would someone put a picture up for a contest" but now I get it because I read your comment! :)

    I deleted the steps on accident. Don't worry!
    I'll retype them.

    Did you delete all your steps? This was a really good instructable.

    Frontline doesn't work as well as Capstar. Dead fleas literally fall off the dog within 15-20 minutes and you can get it cheaper on EBay than in Pet stores.

    This is if you don't have frontline

    or use anti flea medicines, such as frontline on its neck

    Cute dog!