How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet With a Diagonal Pattern.

Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet With a Diagonal Pattern.

What you will need:
- Duct tape the colors of your choice. ( For this wallet I am using three colors.)
- Sharp scissors
- A dollar bill
- a12 inch ruler
- pen ( A  color that will show up on the duct tape, not permanent).
- A flat hard surface ( not carpet).

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Step 1: Step One...

- Tear long pieces of duct tape about 12 inches in length. They do not have to be perfectly even since you will trim the edges later.
- Place the piece of tape down with the sicky side facing up wards.
- Repeat the process and over lap the pieces of duct tape. Remember to alternate your colors. When you have 9 pieces of tape connected together do the same thing but place the tape sticky side down on top of the pieces you have just connected together. Leave about a centimeter of the sticky side down on the top.
- Do 9 pieces with the sticky side down while still overlapping the tape.
-  Leave about a centimeter of tape with the sticky side down.
- Peel up the duct tape.
- Fold the tabs of the duct tape sticky side to non-sticky side on both sides.
- You are left with a duct tape fabric.
- Turn the fabric in a diagnal  position.
- Measure a dollar bill with a ruler, both the lenght and the width.

Step 2: Step Two...

- With a pen draw half an inch more than your dollars bills length and width on to the duct  tape fabric.
- Cut around the edge of the out line making sure you do not cut directly on the pen line.
- Your pattern should be diagonal.

Step 3: Step Three...

- Fold your fabric in half.
- Take some duct tape of one of the colors and tear a piece that will go along the edge of your folded fabric.
- Tear this piece of tape in half long ways so you end up with two pieces of tape.
- Take the two pieces and place them on either side of the fabric.
- Fold the peices over to form a crisp edge.
- Cut off  the extra tape on the top and the bottom.
- Tear another piece of duct tape to go along the top two edges of the wallet.
- Tear in half long ways and place them on both top edges.
- Fold over the extra tape.
- Fold your wallet in half.
- Enjoy your new wallet.

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    If you rotate your back layer of tape 90 degrees, so that the stripes on the back side of your duct tape fabric are perpendicular to the stripes on the front side, you can make the stripes inside the wallet line up with the stripes outside the wallet, after the folding.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cute! I'd love to see some good clean shots of the finished wallet as your main image!