How to Make an Amazing Physics Toy With 3 Balls & a String




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This is something I used to have as a child (my parents bought it somewhere), but I never was able to find it. It just disappeared from my life. So I decided to make my own!! I had some bouncy balls lying around, & I asked my parents if they'd take me to Walmart to get some string. I drilled, threaded, tied, & voila - a new toy!! You can do all kinds of tricks with them & I swear it seems like physics in action.

Step 1: What You Need:

Parts for toy:

3 bouncing balls (you can use any ball, as long as you can drill into it)

String with moderate thickness (see pic above)

Tools & parts to help with making process:

Dremel Drill

Drill bit (I used 1/8 inch diameter)


Paper clip for "needle"

Step 2: Drilling

Take the Dremel & carefully place it on the center & slowly drill. Once you've gone a little ways (but just enough to where it won't slip), go ahead & drill at a higher speed. Do this to all 3 balls.

Step 3: String

Take a piece of string - good length - & cut it off.

Then, at the end, tie a bowline knot. Instructions:

Once you tie the knot, cut of the excess.

Step 4: Needle & Thread

Take the paperclip, straighten most of it out. There will be 1 end that will be unbent. Why? Well, that's what we'll use to secure the other end of the string on.

So take that string end, & tie it on the bent end of the paperclip. Then take the pliers & smush that part flat (as shown). Now you have a "needle".

Take the needle & thread it through all 3 balls. Now the toy is almost complete.

Step 5: Knot Again (Pun Intended)

After the threading, cut that part off close to the "needle", for it's frayed. Now do the bowline on that end. Just like on step 2. But wait, the project isn't complete!!

What if the toy has too much string? No problem, now you can (almost) carelessly tie the bowline again somewhere along the string. I know, I don't have a pic for that, but I think you know what I'm getting at. If not, I'll go back & add a pic. Keep doing that until desired length, then cut off excess.

Step 6: Finished!!

Congrats, you just made your own cheap, homemade version of Astrojax!! Now sure, this might not work JUST like the real Astrojax, but they come close. They're so awesome & I hope you enjoy them!!



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    10 months ago

    This one was sold in the netherlands, i found it a few days ago.

    Passing You

    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have got know idea how this game is "played." Is this just balls bouncing off each other at the end of a string. I have seen two ball but never three balls. I know an autistic kid that likes to bounce and spin the balls on a string but they are only two.

    1 reply

    It's kind of like a yo-yo, there isn't really a game to it. But you can do several tricks. I put up 2 videos to clear that confusion.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    i remember this tic-tac game back on 70's......was suddenly forbiden in Europe cause a young boy died after he swallowed the ball.....


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, y'all make sure to vote for me on Small Spaces, Explore Science, & On A Budget Contest!! I'd really appreciate it!!

    Bike At The Pier 2.jpg

    Awesome!! Now I don't know if the ones I bought were the real Astrojax. They seemed a little cheaper than that. Like it didn't have that plastic rim where the hole is. They were just 3 dark colored balls on a string.