How to Make an Elder Wand




Introduction: How to Make an Elder Wand

This is how to make a legit elder wand out of only: a skewer
a glue gun
brown paint
white paint
a pen

Step 1: Use Glue Gun to Make Balls

Use the glue gun to make the balls down the wand
Picture number two will show what it will look like after doing this

Step 2: Poke Holes Into Balls With Pen

Poke holes into the balls. This will be easy because it's made of glue.

Step 3: Paint White

Paint the whole wand white. If you try to paint it brown first, it will not work. Paint the wand white, then brown so that the brown will look like wood.

Step 4: Paint Brown

This is a picture of what the wand looks like when it's brown.

Step 5: Draw Hieroglyphics

DO NOT USE PAPER FOR HIEROGLYPHS. If you use paper it will come off easily. First paint part of the wand white, then draw hieroglyphics on with pen.


Have fun with your Elder wand and be careful casting spells



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What's strange is, even though you say "Dude this don't look real", you haven't made anything to show on instructables yourself. Which is strange, with you having the all knowing eye and such.

Basically what this says to everyone is that you are a talentless moron who is super salty that there are actually people out there that aren't like you. What I mean by that is, they (unlike you) are NOT losers.

Btw, you got 1st degrees right there bud lololololol


Dude this don't look real

Dude this don't look real

Dude this don't look real

Dude this don't look real

I do not know why people say that this is fake. Mine came out perfectly and looked just like the photo

There is something not right with this. How do you get the skewer which in the step 2 photo is about half the diameter of a ball point pen barrel to end up being thicker in photos 4, 5, & 6?

I have to agree with user mguima that some other product is being used to form the bumps and add thickness to the skewer. Hot glue alone will not form and shape in the way being implied.

I bought the wand. it's that

It´s fake! I Hot glue would not form balls with this shape. I think that from step 4 untill the end, the pictures are from an epoxi mass (Bondo) wand.