How to Make Fake Skin




Introduction: How to Make Fake Skin

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I think this is the best fake skin I've ever seen. It sticks to the skin easy and moves with the skin, which give it a way better chance of not falling off. Is easy to paint and fun to make

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Elmer's glue
Food die
Laundry detergent
Corn starch
Small bowl
Something to mix with

I have already died my glue, fill free to do the same. I warn you it's not easy to do it in the bottle so you should mix it in a bag and then put it back in the bottle. You don't have to do the whole bottle, I just did because I'm going to be making a lot of fake skin plus it won't effect the glues adhesiveness.

Step 2: Mixing Glue and Detergent

Pour some glue in the bowl (pour as much as you need but remember bigger the batch the harder it is) and add the detergent a little at a time as you mix. Stop when it looks like the picture. You'll have to work the detergent into the glue, you might have to use your hand, it should fill like slime but denser.

Step 3: Adding Corn Starch

Add the corn starch like the detergent a little at a time, I do this part with hands. It should get stiffer as you add the corn starch. Every time you add some it helps to roll into a ball ( in your hands) to mix it, then let it set in your hand. If it starts to flatten itself out it needs more corn starch but if it flattens a itty bit and stops it's good. Adding any more corn starch can make it crack when you move it ; if your worried that it's not stiff enough and you have got it to that state, if you leave alone for awhile it will stiffen up a little bit more.

Step 4:

If your planing to make some weeks or day in advance it's not a good idea because it gets harder over night. I don't know if you put it in a sealed container if it would last because I haven't tried it yet but your welcome to try.



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    Works great for about 2-3 hours. After that it dries out si much that it starts falling off.

    no water, it will thin it too much and it would take a lot more starch to thicken it

    Do we need to add water into the detergent before adding into the glue?

    I used red and very little bit of green. Not a lot of people know that skin color is mainly a mix of red, white, and green. I use liquid food coloring, warning it is hard to get the color right

    2 replies

    Flesh colour a mixture of red white and green? Surely you mean red,
    white and yellow? [way more white than the other colours]. Using these
    three you get the base pink flesh colour, then with tiny amounts of blue
    or green washes you can create the blue/green tones of skin.

    U might be able to use liquid foundation, I haven't try it before. If u try it let me know if it works

    what color food die did you use

    I also use recommend using oil paint or halloween make up to make it look real

    I've learned recently that gain laundry detergent is the best to use. I tried it with a different brand and it made a paste

    I think so cause it moves very well with the skin but if u don't get the right consistencies


    2 years ago

    Could i use this idea for wigs... Creating hairline and skin on the forehead???

    Love the idea. I also love that it doesn't use latex. My daughter's allergic. I can attempt this at home at least