How to Make Flash-Cards, the Fast, Easy, and Right Way




Introduction: How to Make Flash-Cards, the Fast, Easy, and Right Way

Many people still draw pictures on their flashcards or right " neatly" on them or even cut out text from a printed sheet of paper, but none of those look presentable. Here, I will show you how to wow your teacher with your professional flashcards and make sure you get an A.

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Step 1: What You Need

- Tape
- Index Cards
- A word editing program
- A printer
- A reason to make Flashcards

Step 2: First

Open up Microsoft Word ( or pages for you Mac users), and open up page set up ( through the File menu) then click on paper size. Change the page orientation to landscape. Make A textbox that is a little bigger than 3x5 ( or the size of Index or Card stock you're using)

Step 3: Set-Up

Print that sheet of paper off, and grab your tape. Make a tape circle and put it in the middle of the rectangle. Place your card face up on the side you want printed ( in other words, if you want the blank side printed on, put that side face up) load it in your printing tray upside down so if you have the box in the top left of the paper ( face up) you would put it in the tray face down with the box in the lower left hand corner.

Step 4: Get Your Words

Type in your vocab words on the bottom of the card in a good size text. Make sure it is placed how you like ( centered, to the left, to the right)

Step 5: Word Printing

Print the paper, and the words should be printed on the bottom of the card, that is one side done, carefully take off the card, and flip it around so the other side is face up.

Step 6: Picture Printing

Add a clip art or web image into the text box, and center it. click on the text box before you press add picture in clip art, so it is placed inside the box. Print it like you did in step 2. Take the card off the paper, and enjoy your great flashcards

Step 7: End

Continue to make the rest of the cards this way and you're sure to get an A while the rest of the hand draw, hand written flashcards of the other kids get an F

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    5 years ago

    Or...just use

    Copy and paste text and it creates flashcards in seconds (multiple choice, true false, or fill in the blank).