How to Make Ninja Star




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Start with a square piece of origami paper(What You Favorite Color)

Step 1: Start 2

Fold the paper in half, then unfold.

Step 2: Start 3

Cut in half. (I like to fold in half backwards and forwards repeatedly creasing really well, and then slowly tear it in half)

Step 3: Start 4

Fold the halves in half again so it's thinner.

Step 4: Start 5

Fold both sheets down in half.

Step 5: Start 6

Unfold. All we need is the halfway crease.

Step 6: Start 7

old the top half to the side as shown without passing the halfway crease.

Step 7: Start 8

Fold the lower half of both sheets opposite of the upper half.

Step 8: Start 9

Turn both paper over so they match the positions as shown.

Step 9: Start 10

Fold the top squares of both sheets in half as shown. and Fold the bottom squares of both sheets in half as shown

Step 10: Start 11

Fold the top triangles in as shown, but make sure the base of the triangle does not pass the halfway crease and Also fold in the bottom triangles of both sheets.

Step 11: Start 12

Place the right sheet on top of the left sheet. 

Step 12: Start 13

Tuck the right flap of the bottom sheet under the left side of the top sheet.

Step 13: Start 14

Tuck the left flap of the bottom sheet under the right side of the top sheet.

Step 14: Start 15

Turn the figure over.and Tuck the above flap into the pocket of the top sheet.

Step 15: Done Ninja Star

Tuck the lower flap into the other pocket of the top sheet. Finish! Now you're ninja with this 4 point ninja star!

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